Gift Programs 101: Crowd pleasing

When it's your job to plan the perfect incentive trip for 300 plus people, you've got a lot of work to do! But when it comes to choosing the right gifts for all 300 guests, you're not alone. With some strategy and the help of a gift expert, selecting the right experience for those 300 individuals will be a breeze.

Here's how to turn your gift program challenge into a memorable experience!

It's About Them
Often our likes and interests significantly influence the gifts we select for others. For example, if you are a prolific reader, you might tend to gift classic novels or leather bound journals. But not everyone enjoys reading as much as you do or likes your taste in books. When choosing gifts for a large group, try to tap into the wants of the recipients. When considering certain gift categories, ask yourself, "Will guests use this?". If it's a jacket and most of the guests are from Florida, the answer is likely no. It doesn't matter how great you think the jacket is! Removing your own opinion and having a knowledge-based approach will create a more meaningful experience for the gift recipients.

Bring the brands to life 
Learning where something comes from, the materials used, the inspiration behind the design is what turns an ordinary item into something special. When you combine a great story with personalized concierge service – now that's an experience.

It all starts with choice 
People aren't one-size-fits-all, so why should gifts be any different? Let's face it there's no way three hundred people can all love the same item. Some of our most successful events are those where guests receive a choice of the perfect mix of products. The right amount of choice not only helps please a broad preference base, but it truly impresses guests and makes them feel appreciated.

Set the tone
When your gift selection is dialed, on-trend, and offers items many consumers wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves, you're setting a tone of appreciation and inspiration. Sure you can give everyone a branded water bottle and call it a day, but imagine how you'd feel if you received your first pair of designer sunglasses or slipped into a pair of the most comfortable sandals you've ever worn instead of that water bottle? Like you can imagine, guests will remember just how much fun they had on their incentive trip, and feel appreciated every time they wear their sunglasses or sandals.

Understand the demographics
If guests are from around the globe, you may want to look at how recognizable the brands are that you are offering. European employees may not recognize newer trending American brands, and if they are deciding between a pair of Florida originated Costa sunglasses or a pair of universally known Ray Bans, they will be more likely select the brands that have a strong international presence. Gift experts can help you understand how demographics play into supply decisions and how to market those lesser-known brands.