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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 4/1/24 9:30 AM

Let’s keep it short and simple: It’s no secret that adding a fun activity or surprise to your day breaks up the monotony of the 9-5 and has additional benefits. George Washington University and Boston College performed research that proved a flexible schedule and rewarding employees and clients make an enormous impact on keeping people engaged, happy, and healthy at work.

Now that we’ve proven our claims, let’s jump into the Gifting Expert’s top days to appreciate people and how scheduling a fun activity or two and sending surprise gifts can keep them motivated throughout Q2.

April 1: The start of Q2

Use this blog as a reminder to celebrate the start of Q2 with your team! Sure, we’re already one day into the new quarter, but 48 hours is enough time to begin inspiring people to accomplish their quarterly goals. April 1st also marks International Fun at Work Day!


April 10: National Golfers Day

If you haven’t yet realized that the links are nice locations to close deals, then we’re here with a friendly reminder. Celebrate the golfers at work by sending them a golf gift of their choice from the Online Gifting Platform


April 16: National Reach as High as You Can Day

Encourage ambition and goal-setting with a two-in-one celebration. Appreciate people who reach their goals with an athleisure On-site Gifting program that outfits them with premium, comfy apparel, then invite a yoga teacher to guide a midday stretch session. 


April 17: Administrative Professionals Day

Celebrate the people who keep the office, break room, and schedules aligned by giving them a gift they really want but wouldn’t normally treat themselves to. It’s easy with the Platform: choose a collection based on your budget and e-vite them to select a gift.

April 22: Earth Day

While this day is more about the planet than the people on it, it’s always a good reminder that gifting with choice is the #1 way to reduce the 40 million pounds of plastic waste created by the corporate gifting industry every year. Download our Practical Guide to Corporate Gifting to get sustainable gifting practices and learn how Cultivate stewards sustainability in each of our gifting solutions.


April 28: National Cubicle Day

While you may not have control over the interior design of your office, appreciate your team with a gift that motivates them and personalizes their workspace. 


May 1: National Executive Coaching Day

Consider organizing a professional development workshop or coaching session for your team. Invite a guest speaker or hire a coach to provide valuable insights and strategies for personal and professional growth. This activity not only fosters team development but also demonstrates your commitment to supporting their career advancement.


May 6: National Nurses Day & May 7: Teacher’s Day

Be sure you don’t miss these two back-to-back days celebrating two of society’s hardest-working professionals with a gift that beats a Starbucks treat. Online Gifting is the perfect way to appreciate the teachers or nurses who cared for you and your loved ones recently. The beauty of Essentials is that you can send unlimited gifts to anyone deserving of appreciation — all you need is their email address.


May 15: National Pizza Party Day

Well, now this one is easy. 🍕Support a local pizza shop when you order for delivery! 


May 17: National Work From Home Day

Celebrate the flexibility and efficiency of remote work with a virtual team-building activity! Host a themed online scavenger hunt where team members find items related to work around their homes, such as office supplies, tech gadgets, or even funny work-from-home memes. Award prizes with different tiers of gifts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 


Expert tip: The Platform makes it easy to send gifts ranging from $50 to $500 to any number of people, so it’s up to you how big you want to scale the competition!


May 20: International HR Professionals Day

Show HR some love with a gift that celebrates their impact on company culture and their individual interests by letting them choose their own gift from the Platform. 


May 30: National Creativity Day

Let their creativity go wild with an on-site Design Experience! Whether you opt for Timbuk2 to design bags that reflect their personalities or Hexa Custom apparel, be sure to mark May 30th on your calendar to celebrate your team’s creative approach!


June 1: National Do or Say Something Nice Day

We think sending a gift is the nicest thing you could do on June 1st; it could be as simple as sending personalized notes to each person on your team, catered to their unique traits and personalities. Just be sure to do or say something nice this day—it’s simple!


June 27: National Sunglasses Day

So send them hats, of course! Just kidding! There’s a reason sunglasses are the top gifting category at Cultivate. They are the perfect functional accessory that reflects someone's style while protecting them from the sun. Celebrate the sunny days of summer by bringing Cultivate to your office or any location. We bring the Pop-up Shop, you bring the people!


June 30: End of Q2

We respect traditionalists—there’s no harm in showing appreciation for your team following the classic business calendar. It's a good thing it’s marked in the Appreciation Calendar, too! This halfway point is the perfect time to reflect on your team’s output and send them a gift to motivate them for the months ahead.


Believe it or not, that’s not even half of the exciting non-traditional holidays outlined in Q2 of our 2024 Appreciation Calendar!! While most people think about sending gifts or hosting an office party during the usual holiday season, the Gifting Experts think about appreciation year-round! Like you, we know the benefits of keeping people’s spirits up through all four quarters.


That’s why we designed our Online Gifting solution, the Platform with two tiers:

  1. The free Essentials tier where you can sign up and start sending gifts in seconds 
  2. A Premium subscription for adaptable and customizable solutions that make appreciating your network easier than ever before. 


If you’re inspired by one of the fun days in this blog and want to create an entire experience for your team, Connect with an Expert to see how Cultivate can help maximize your Return on Appreciation.™ 

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