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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 2/20/24 11:30 AM

After this winter of rest and reflection ends, people will be energized to get outside and socialize again! Thoughts will begin to wander from boardroom meetings to break-out sessions on the beach.

As you begin planning warm weather events and incentive trips, our Gifting Experts are here to help put a spring in your step with new gift ideas (including branded and sustainable options!) and a fresh approach to on-site programs.


How we’re refreshing On-site Gifting this season

Sustainability takes center stage as we put people and the planet at the forefront of gifting collections. We’re introducing new sought-after options like GOT Bags, Maria Victoria, prAna, and Allbirds — the popular footwear brand renowned for its commitment to eco-friendly practices and innovative designs.


Why? Because we believe that gifting is more than just a gesture—it's an opportunity to create lasting impressions and foster meaningful connections that mean more. By offering a wider variety of sustainable gifting options, we're dedicated to helping you craft unforgettable moments for your events while staying true to your values.

Our New Partnership with Allbirds

Earlier this month, we announced our partnership with Allbirds, a leader in sustainable footwear. Together, we're committed to delivering On-site Gifting experiences that prioritize sustainability without compromising style or quality. From eco-friendly materials to innovative designs, Allbirds' products embody the spirit of responsible consumption, ensuring that your gift experience leaves a positive impact on both the people attending and the planet. Click here to learn more about our partnership.


And now, you can make your mark on tons of new gifts, including Allbirds, in a subtle yet impactful way. Our new custom branding options allow you to add your logo to select gifts and seamlessly integrate your brand identity into the overall experience. Browse our On-site Gifting Lookbook to see more of our branded Pre-event and Room Drop gifting options!


Gift Collections Tailored to Your Theme

No two events are alike, which is why we've designed new Featured Collections to complement your event’s theme or destination.


Whether you're hosting a Western-inspired retreat, celebrating American craftsmanship with products made in the USA, promoting wellness and relaxation, or embracing sustainability, our Featured Collections offer something for every occasion. From adventures in the mountains to team bonding on the beach, we have the gifts guaranteed to make any experience memorable for them and hassle-free for you.

Why choose Cultivate for your On-site Gifting needs?

As you plan your spring events and incentive trips, consider the possibilities that On-site Gifting can offer. Our On-site Gifting and Gifting Suites solutions provide an immersive and personalized touch to your events. Whether it's a corporate retreat, a rewarding excursion, or an incentive trip, booking any of our on-site solutions ensures that your attendees receive memorable gifts curated just for them.


Plus, we’re constantly searching for the best brands and products that people want to receive as gifts — let us know if there’s anything new you want to gift now or in the future, and our Sourcing team will make it happen!

Show remote employees some extra love

Spring often brings a flurry of office activities, which can leave remote staff feeling disconnected. Surprise them with an online gift of their choice to express your appreciation and remind them that they're valued members of the team.


If you haven’t already, Sign up for Essentials to send or schedule gifts in seconds. It’s free (no contracts or minimums required!) and gives you instant access to gift collections ranging from $50 to $500, redemption reports, budget tracking, the ability to send or schedule as many gifts as you want, and so much more!

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