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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 1/5/24 9:00 AM

Happy New Year! We’re starting 2024, excited to bring you bigger and better gifting than ever before. In this week’s blog, we’re looping you in on the new ways Cultivate will take your 2024 gifting to the expert level, plus a few hints as to what’s coming. 😉 Here's a closer look at what's new for this year:


Gifting with Even More Choice

Prepare to be delighted as we introduce an expanded repertoire of over 200 new brands and wider collection pricing! From timeless classics to emerging trends, our Experts have been carefully curating the latest and greatest brands, offering a diverse array of premium products to cater to every taste and occasion in the new year. Whether it's the latest tech gadgets, fashion-forward accessories, wellness essentials, or tools for the gourmet chef, our expanded collections ensure there's something special for everyone to select the right gift for them.


Your Wishlist, Our Mission

At Cultivate, your preferences matter. That's why we're introducing an easier process that empowers you to request any brand that might not be part of our current selection. Have a particular brand in mind that would be perfect for your gifting program? Let us know! Our dedicated team will go above and beyond to source and add your desired brands to our catalog, ensuring that your gifting experience is uniquely tailored to your vision.

Rewarding Pricing Model for Large Programs

We're excited to announce a new pricing model designed to reward larger gifting programs with substantial savings. As your gifting initiatives grow, so do the benefits. Our new volume rebate program ensures that the scale of your program translates into cost efficiency, rewarding you for larger programs or gifting more throughout the year. This means that the more you gift in 2024, the more you save—a fantastic incentive for your budget and major points earned with your recipients.


Essentials and Premium Platform Subscriptions

Our upgraded Platform makes Online Gifting as custom as it is easy. Choose the subscription plan that best aligns with your gifting objectives, whether you need quick gifting for smaller groups with Essentials or larger, custom programs with Premium. Our Platform subscriptions cater to varying gifting needs, providing tailored features and benefits to suit your preferences and budget. From starting with essential offerings to aiming for a bespoke, high-end gifting experience, our Platform tiers empower you with the tools and options to create memorable moments for your network.

Consistent Excellence in Service

While we're thrilled to introduce these exciting new features and expanded options, one thing remains unchanged: our commitment to providing exceptional service. Our On-site setup remains seamless and hassle-free, ensuring that you continue to experience the same level of effortless gifting whether it's to 10 people or 100! With Cultivate, you won't have to lift a finger—we take care of everything, allowing you to focus on the joy of gifting and the Return on Appreciation™.

This year, our experts will be dedicated to zhuzh up your event or appreciation experiences through the gift of choice. With an extensive array of new brands, personalized brand requests, a rewarding pricing model, and tailored subscription options, we're here to ensure that your gifting initiatives are not only memorable but also hassle-free and perfectly work with your needs.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to innovate! Keep up with what’s new in our On-Site Gifting Lookbook and fill out the form underneath, or Connect with an Expert here to start planning your 2024 gifting programs. 

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