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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 2/27/24 9:15 AM

Landing on the first Friday of March, Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner — don’t let it sneak up on you this year! With employee satisfaction and retention being major focuses across varying industry forecasts, there are very real stakes that need to be considered when ensuring your team feels fulfilled and engaged in their work (which, in turn, boosts your bottom line!) Luckily, it’s not too late to get your appreciation in order in time for March 1st. Keep reading this week’s blog for the Gifting Experts’ number one tip on perfecting your approach to a memorable Employee Appreciation Day. 


Employee Recognition vs Appreciation

Make your efforts for Employee Appreciation Day worthwhile and last all year by ensuring you cover two key elements, recognition and appreciation. Add nuance to your company's Employee Appreciation Day by both recognizing their contributions and appreciating their unique approach that makes working with them special. While often used interchangeably, there are important differences between employee appreciation and employee recognition that should both be highlighted. 

Recognition is the straightforward element — the classic performance-based motivation that recognizes people’s milestones, accomplishments, and contributions. Traditionally paired with a reward, recognition is meant to acknowledge the efforts people make toward your business tangibly. Be sure to take time out of EAD to recognize the efforts your team makes to get every project or proposal to the finish line. That being said, it’s celebrating the job they signed up for, so recognition alone does little to encourage more long-term fulfillment than a regular paycheck. 

That’s where Appreciation is the cherry on top and why it’s Cultivate's primary focus. By going beyond recognition to truly celebrate a person’s individual approach to their everyday work, you cement a positive cycle of respect into your company culture. It’s not always about what they do, but how they show up to work each day and treat others. Lasting appreciation can be as simple as spotlighting the special ways people do the work that is expected of them, like the solution-oriented problem solvers who keep everyone moving forward or the programmer who understands your exact creative vision and codes it to life.


87% of employees report a high level of company inclusion when there’s an established culture of appreciation and recognition.


The best part about it? You can start small and still feel the Return on Appreciation.™ By extending appreciation into communication that fits your company norms, it will feel more natural and intentional. This Employee Appreciation Day, practice including appreciation in individual conversations, taking the time to form a genuine compliment unique to them. Celebrate each teammate in your departmental check-ins or during a catered EAD lunch. Reserve time during company-wide meetings to shout out people who make your company great.

A tip directly from Cultivate HQ and our own company calls? Nominate people who align with and exceed your core values as company Rockstars each month for the chance to win an incredible gift of their choice (see how we send gifts with our Platform below!)


How to start appreciating your team

An exemplary employee recognition program is multifaceted, covering day-to-day, informal, and formal appreciation. However, achieving this doesn't have to happen all at once. Building an appreciative culture hinges on one crucial concept: consistency. Begin with simple, sustainable efforts.

Start by sending them a gift of their choice for Employee Appreciation Day. Celebrate their individuality by giving them something that fits their personal interests or hobbies. Cultivate's Platform offers the ideal solution, an easy tool to consistently appreciate your team year-round within your budget. Updated frequently with top brands and products curated from around the world, we make sure there is the right gift for everyone.  

Cultivate combines recognition and appreciation into every service we offer, making sure people feel truly appreciated with a gift they love and will want to use again and again. Sign up for the Platform today to browse and start sending collections ranging from $50-500. For further customization options, connect with an Expert here to learn more about the Premium Platform. 

And to keep up with consistent employee appreciation throughout the year, download our 2024 Appreciation Calendar for creative ways to celebrate your team.

Download the 2024 Appreciation Calendar

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