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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 4/23/24 10:15 AM

From the ambiance to entertainment, event planners are the architects of unforgettable experiences, crafting every detail to perfection. At Cultivate, we collaborate closely with event and meeting planners and have gained insight into their interests and tastes. 

Over 14+ years of partnering with planners worldwide, we've identified the top gifts from our Online and On-site Gifting Programs, handpicked by event planners who understand the importance of meaningful gestures and impeccable presentation. Keep reading to learn the 12 gifts that have earned the seal approval from top event planners.


1. Room Drop: ReMarkable

The ReMarkable tablet is a top choice among event planners for its paper-like feel and versatility. Event planners value its ability to seamlessly transition between note-taking, sketching, and document annotation, all saved to the cloud so they can access their notes anywhere. This makes it an indispensable tool for professionals who need to stay organized and productive on the go.


2. Room Drop: Stanley Quencher cups

There’s a reason Stanley cups are viral… these are a top Pre-event gift for event planners due to their rugged durability and superior insulation. Whether at outdoor events or busy conferences, event planners rely on Stanley cups to keep beverages at the perfect temperature while withstanding the rigors of daily use. Plus, the gorgeous colors fit every style. Browse the On-site Gifting Lookbook for more popular pre-event gifts.


3. Room Drop: Fitness Trackers

Event planners appreciate fitness trackers like the Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa 2 for their ability to promote health and wellness among recipients. With activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and workout reminders, these devices help recipients stay motivated and accountable to their fitness goals, even during hectic event planning schedules. Click here to see more of our gadgets and gizmos!


4. On-site: OluKai Sandals

As a category leader, OluKai sandals are highly favored by event planners for their superior comfort, versatile style, and durability. Designed with island-inspired aesthetics and crafted from quality materials, these sandals offer long-lasting comfort, perfect for lengthy events. Their easy slip-on design ensures quick transitions, making them a practical and stylish choice for event professionals dedicated to seamless execution. 


5. Room Drop: Therabody Recovery Air Prime

These smart compression boots are a beloved choice among event planners because they provide soothing relief and relaxation after long days on their feet. Whether after trade shows or venue walkthroughs, event planners rely on personalized foot care when they get home for some well-deserved pampering!


6. On-site: Premium travel bags

Event planners often select premium handbags or luggage for travel upgrades that combine style and functionality. With spacious compartments, durable construction, and thoughtful design features, our Handbag and Luggage Collection features bags perfect for professionals who travel frequently for work and need reliable luggage that reflects their tastes.

7. Room Drop: Apple Air Tags

Apple AirTags are a go-to choice on the Platform for busy event planners seeking practical and innovative gifts. Event planners appreciate the peace of mind that AirTags provide, allowing recipients to easily track and locate their belongings, whether it's their keys, bag, or important documents, using their Apple devices.


8. On-site: Slowtide towels

A top choice for their versatility while being packable and light, Slowtide towels are a preferred gift for event planners for their premium quality and stylish designs. With soft and absorbent cotton, these towels are perfect for beach outings, poolside relaxation, or everyday luxury. 


9. Room Drop: Rainkiss poncho

Any seasoned event planner knows bad weather can happen. When a rain check won’t do, event planners appreciate having a packable, waterproof solution to problem-solve and provide protection from the elements without sacrificing style. These are a must-have accessory for professionals who attend outdoor events rain or shine.


10. Room Drop: Ember coffee mug

With busy schedules and long events, event planners appreciate the convenience and reliability of Ember smart mugs. These mugs allow them to savor their favorite hot beverages throughout the day. Ember is a top pick on our Platform because of its innovative temperature control technology, which ensures that beverages stay at the perfect temperature for hours. 

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11. On-site: Somo eye mask

Whether it’s fending off jetlag when hopping time zones or ensuring well-deserved rest after a long event, this comfy sleep mask from Somo is a top choice among planners. With adjustable straps and contoured eyecups, these masks provide a personalized fit and create a soothing environment conducive to deep and rejuvenating sleep, ensuring recipients wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.


12. On-site: Allbirds

Thanks to their unmatched comfort and sustainable materials, Allbirds shoes are trusted staples for all-day events. With their innovative designs and eco-friendly practices, Allbirds shoes offer support and style for planners on the move, allowing them to stay comfortable and stylish during long days of event planning and execution.

For more insights into our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, helpful tips to apply to your business, and info on all our sustainable partners, download the Practical Guide to Sustainable Corporate Gifting here!


When it comes to gift-giving, event planners have a knack for choosing the perfect presents that leave a lasting impression. From personalized sneakers to smart gadgets that make their busy lives a little easier, Event Planners' selections from our premium collections show how people choose gifts that reflect their lifestyles and prove how important gifting with choice is. 

With such good taste in gifts, see why Event Planners trust Cultivate to curate premium collections for their On-site Gifting Programs. Not only do we find the best brands and products around, we handle the logistics behind the scenes and provide expert service so you only have to worry about which collection you'll select to gift! Explore the On-site Gifting Lookbook to browse all of our gifting options today.

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