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Posted by Tara Doherty on 12/27/23 8:00 AM

As we bid adieu to another year, the entire Cultivate team is thrilled to take a moment to reflect on the journey we've shared with you in 2023. Every conversation, gift program, and touch point has been a chapter in our story, from achieving and celebrating significant milestones to creating new connections, fostering existing ones, and more.

Before the ball drops, join us in this special sign-off as our team of experts reminisces on previous wins and sets sights on the promising year ahead. 


Nurturing Talent

Our first internship program brought a wave of fresh energy and faces, helping us continue to shape Cultivate's future by welcoming new perspectives and ideas. In case you missed it, read more about our intern program in this previous blog feature.


We’re Growing!

It’s true what they say: teamwork makes the dream work! In 2023, Cultivate was thrilled to welcome new hires and key roles across various departments, including Engineering, Sales, Client Success, Marketing, and Accounting. Each of these has helped our teams achieve more, ensure we have the right people in the right seats, and strengthen company culture.


The Next Chapter of On-site Gifting

A new way to plan event gifting programs launched in October, thanks to our On-site Gifting Lookbook. This not only serves as a canvas for our Marketing team’s creativity and brand development, but it showcases our entire team’s dedication to delivering memorable gifting programs for events, meetings, and incentive trips unlike any other. With so much to consider and opinions to satisfy, planners' plates are full. That’s why we’ve made planning programs easier than ever. We hope the On-Site Gifting Lookbook becomes your ultimate resource, from expert advice and what’s new to premium gifts you can’t get anywhere else. Check it out! 

Holiday Webinar Magic

This year’s inaugural holiday webinar created a festive space for Cultivate founder Tom Romine to share insights and advice about ways to maximize holiday gifting, inspire conversations, and provide many opportunities to hand out premium gifts. If you weren't able to join us for the live webinar, you can access the on-demand recording in our Resource Hub at any time. Pssst… stay tuned for more exclusive webinars and free gifts in the new year! 


Awards and Achievements

Colorado has long been recognized as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, fostering the growth of numerous thriving companies across various industries. One of the most prestigious programs that acknowledges the state's rising stars is Colorado Companies to Watch (CCTW). In its mission to celebrate and support promising businesses, we were (and still are!) thrilled that CCTW named Cultivate as one of its winners for 2023. 


Being recognized as a Colorado Company To Watch filled us with pride, warmed our hearts, and fueled our passion for contributing to our local, thriving business community. Click here to read more about it!

Unforgettable Moments

The magic of our On-site Gifting programs unfolded across 147 domestic locations, 31 international destinations, and 21 networking events. Regardless of the occasion, our clients and recipients experienced the joy of gifting with choice and impressive Pop-up Shops — witnessing exactly how better corporate gifting should look and feel. We couldn’t have done it without the expertise of our On-site Staff, amazing Event team, and roster of clients who trust us to handle the details. We can’t wait to do it all again next year! 

Digital Joy Unleashed

Launching two new Platform subscriptions has redefined how Cultivate does Online Gifting. Our all-in-one Platform makes it as fun to send gifts as it is to receive them! Now, clients can send corporate gifts online to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Recipients select a gift of their choice, and we deliver it to them. From scalability and revenue generation to unlimited reporting and personalization, all you have to do is decide which Online Gifting solution is right for you


Need to send a gift before the clock strikes midnight? Sign up for Essentials today!

Engage and Elevate: Your Voice Matters!

As we plan and prepare for the year ahead, we’d love to hear from you! Your feedback will help us craft an even more rewarding gifting experience for clients and recipients. Share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback for Cultivate by taking our survey: 

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New Year’s Resolutions

On the cusp of a new year, we are continuously grateful for every moment that defined the past year. Looking forward, we’re embracing the spirit of new beginnings and using it to inspire our New Year’s resolutions:

  • Deepen Connections: We resolve to deepen our connections as a company with our team, partners, clients, colleagues, and you! Your feedback will be our compass, guiding us to serve your needs better.
  • Innovate with Purpose: We are committed to continuous innovation with a purpose. From expanding our premium collections to improving and iterating our Online Gifting solutions, we aim to bring you even more opportunities and tools for year-round appreciation. 
  • Expand Horizons: Building on our foundation as industry experts, we aspire to reach new heights and expand our collective horizons as a trusted gifting partner, reliable employer, thought leader, and B2B gift provider. Whether it's exploring new markets or developing unique partnerships, we're excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.


The new year is just over the horizon, and there’s no shortage of solutions to help drive your business forward in 2024. From boosting employee engagement to nurturing customers — opportunities to deploy effective appreciation strategies are endless. How is your company planning to stay on top of every opportunity this year? Let Cultivate help! 

On behalf of our entire team, thanks again for partnering with us to appreciate people online and on-site. If you’re ready to begin planning or want to connect with a Gifting Expert to learn more about our variety of solutions, click here to connect with us. Cheers to you, and the great that awaits!

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