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Posted by Jenny McGee on 1/11/24 9:00 AM

It’s the first quarter of the year, and planning season is in full swing. Event planners and organizers have a busy schedule ahead, executing winter events and planning a calendar of events for the spring and summer months.

In this week’s blog feature, we share five benefits of planning your corporate event and On-site Gifting program early.


When to start planning your corporate event

Have you ever asked yourself, “When should I start planning the gifts for my next event?” You’re not alone. In fact, we get asked this question by seasoned professionals and planners new to the industry.

Whether managing meetings, conferences, tradeshows, networking events, team-building sessions, or in-office parties, event planning involves many steps (and keen attention to detail!), from concept to promotion and delivering the on-site experience.

The best time frame to plan and promote any corporate event is—and this won’t come as a surprise—as early as possible. As a general rule of thumb, lead times can be as little as 10 or as much as 180 days, depending on the type of event, number of attendees, destination or location, etc. Large-scale B2B events require a lengthier planning time because of the volume and complexities of strategizing and coordination. Events with less than 250 people can be planned and executed in as little as 10 days.


The five benefits of planning your event and gift program early

Pulling off a successful event is no easy feat. Juggling different tasks and balancing deadlines, budgets, suppliers, stakeholders, exhibitors, attendees, and on-site staff can be stressful. Don’t fret — this is where Cultivate handles the details for you! Giving yourself and our team plenty of time to coordinate these details will reduce stress and ensure a seamless and memorable gift experience.

Here are five key benefits of planning your event and On-site Gifting program early:

  1. Cost savings 💸

For event planners, the chances of securing suppliers and services at affordable rates are much higher when planning well in advance. Venues and service providers will likely offer early booking discounts to win your business. (Pssst… Ask us about our 2024 Volume Rebate!)

Planning your On-site Gifting program ahead of time also gives you more time to patiently consider and compare our variety of gift collections and services, such as exploring Gifting Suites or Ticket Programs.


  1. Availability of suppliers 🤝

Getting in quickly to secure the availability of suppliers and service providers will help avoid disappointment and panic. This is especially important if you are organizing an event during peak seasons.

A big part of pulling off any successful event hinges on the right gifting partner. However, after 14+ years in the industry, we know your plate is full, and sometimes planning the gifting portion of your event comes down to crunch time. That’s why we keep 100+ professionally trained On-site Staff available to meet your needs, whether you plan months in advance or only have two weeks.

No matter where your event will be, our experts are close by. Staff are strategically positioned in domestic and international event hot spots to keep timelines and associated costs to a minimum.

  1. Generate more buzz 🤩

Don’t forget you can start promoting an event even before you’ve planned it, so there is no need to hold off promotion until your plan is perfected. Planning early gives you more time to build up hype about your event, and nothing excites people more than the promise of a premium gift of their choice! The greater the interest, the better your chances of increasing registration and attendance.


  1. Flexibility to change options 👌

Planning an event involves input and coordination from different parties. A good planner expects the best but anticipates things may not always go to plan. Planning ahead will prepare you for any obstacles and challenges and allow you the flexibility to consider other options if necessary.


While we realize being able to quickly pivot is crucial for planners, we’re confident in the level of service our team provides. Partnering with Cultivate means you’re working with one of the most experienced and knowledgeable corporate gifting companies in the market. Not only do we have amazing relationships with our brand partners to ensure you get the gifting options you want, but we’ve built the same connections with the industry’s most respected hoteliers, venues, and event specialists to ensure we can deliver a memorable gift program anywhere in the world.


  1. Reduce stress levels 🧘

Event planning is a stressful job. Stress isn’t always bad, but when stress exceeds your ability to cope, it stops being helpful and causes damage to your mind and body. Early planning allows you to have better control of your event project, breaking it down into smaller manageable steps.

Better yet, we handle the details like logistics, inventory, distribution, pre-event coordination, and on-site setup, so you don’t have to. Gifting is one of the most enjoyable parts of an event, and we ensure it feels that way from beginning to end.


Do you need help planning the gifting portion of your next event, meeting, or incentive trip? Our team of experts will do more than save you time and money; we’ll help you deliver a memorable On-site Gifting program people will be talking about for years to come!

If you’re ready to take the next step, explore our On-site Gifting Lookbook and submit our contact form with details about your event. A member of our team will be in touch on the same day. Together, we can reap the benefits of planning early and help you give more than a gift. ✨

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