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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 11/21/23 9:00 AM

Thanksgiving is our favorite time of year because it’s what Cultivate is all about — coming together to share your gratitude with the ones who make every day better. Gifting is our language of appreciation, but it's not just about the gifts themselves; it's a heartfelt expression of gratitude, a way to convey our feelings when words might fall short. In this week’s blog, we are celebrating Thanksgiving by sharing our gratitude and why we do it through gifting. 


Go Beyond “Thanks”

While this is a time to appreciate what you already have, research shows that ensuring your team feels valued toward the end of the year often requires a different, more tangible approach.

A 2022 Gallup report found that employees are 5x more likely to feel connected to their company’s culture and 4x as likely to be engaged when they’re tangibly recognized. By giving them more than a verbal thank you, you’re showing that their contributions mean more to you than just keeping the bottom line in the black. 

Unexpected GiftAt Cultivate, we believe Thanksgiving is a great holiday gifting opportunity. Consider it an unexpected but welcome surprise before employees are hectically focused on wrapping up Q4. Not only can you reinforce your appreciation by attaching it to the holiday devoted to it, but you’ll differentiate yourself from other holiday gifts that are all exchanged next month. 


Send Gifts that Spark Gratitude

Even better is the opportunities that come with celebrating each person and their individuality by gifting with Cultivate. We see gifts as an opportunity—a chance to extend our gratitude beyond a fleeting moment and infuse it into people’s lives throughout the year.

How? By giving gifts from tailored selections of premium products that are chosen by each person on your list. When you let someone select their own gift, you offer them the power to select something that truly resonates with their needs, desires, and aspirations. It's a testament that they know best what would bring joy or serve a purpose in their lives. 

Cooking ThanksgivingSo, this Thanksgiving, show appreciation for your team’s hard work and your clients’ faithful business by sending a gift they will be grateful for with our Essentials Platform. All you have to do is sign up, add a contact, and start sending premium gift options ranging from $50-$500. all before you cut into the pumpkin pie. 

And with your gift sent straight to their inbox, you’ll be the talk of the Thanksgiving feast as the whole family will want to browse the collection and share their idea of which gift is right for them! Shake up holiday gifting and send your team a gift they’ll be grateful for by signing up here. 


We are so grateful for our Cultivate community and wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! 🦃 

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