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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 2/13/24 9:00 AM

Maybe it’s all the heart-shaped decor or leaning on our co-workers to get to the Q1 finish line, but this week, the Gifting Experts are feeling all of the HR-approved love. We created some fun, free B2B Valentine’s Day cards to help you show your 9-5 pals how much you appreciate them. Whether you download and share these in your team chat or Slack channels, send an email blast, or print and pass them out the old-fashioned way — take some time this week to celebrate your office bestie, favorite client, or your entire network.


  1. For the coworkers who know something or two about the “treat yo’ self” mentality:


  1. For the ever-patient colleague who doesn’t mind when your bandwidth is thin:


  1. For the employee who always knows exactly what to say:


  1. For the supportive people who jump on a call when you just need to process a project out loud:


  1. For the coworker who brightens everyone’s day just by being themselves:


  1. For the colleague turned 9-5 ride or die:


  1. For the coworker you’d hang out with even after happy hour is over:


  1. To the people who keep everyone together, from organizing company data to ensuring the office snack cabinet stays fully stocked with your faves:


  1. For the coworkers who help you balance your workload and offset burnout:


  1. For the Chatty Cathy who keeps the breakroom lively and entertaining:


  1. For the peers who care about and respect your time, on and off the clock:


  1. For the person who works on another team but puts a smile on your face every time you cross paths or email chains:


Save your favorite B2B Valentines by right-clicking and saving the .jpeg files throughout the blog. To download all 12 valentines to share with your entire team, click here to access a PDF file. And if you want to throw it back to ol’ fashioned classroom Valentines, download this printable file here to cut out mini-sized cards and pass them out to each person’s desk. 


To really show them how much you care, send them a Valentine's gift of their choice by signing up for the Essentials Platform here. They’re ensured to get a warm and fuzzy feeling because they’ll get to choose a gift of their choice from a Collection of premium brands and products! 

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