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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 1/23/24 9:01 AM

Along with the rest of the world (or at least those in on the trend), our Gifting Experts have taken to their Notes apps to summarize corporate gifting trends that are IN and OUT for 2024. Keep reading for a look into our latest predictions.


In: On-site Gifting

In-person events are back and better than ever! There is no better way to reconnect with and celebrate your network than gifting to thank them for making an effort to attend your event. Our On-site Staff is revved up and ready to meet you anywhere in the world,  appreciate people with premium gifts they get to select and take home on the same day, all the while delivering trusted, turnkey service with a smile. 


Out: Gift cards

Gift cards are great to give kids to boost their allowance to splurge on a trinket in the toy aisle with their “own money.” But your professional network? Not so much… Show that you value more than doing business with them by giving something tangible that they actually like (more on that later!)


In: Nostalgic gifts

Whether it’s revived classics or reminders of a simpler time, throwback gifts will be a hit with every generation. Our Sourcing and Merchandising team goes above and beyond to find the top gifts, including those from iconic brands that have stood the test of time. Looking for a specific gift or brand? Let us know here!


Out: Alcohol 

Listen, we aren’t saying people aren’t enjoying some libations after logging off for the day, but there are so many missteps that can come from gifting the wrong thing. Sending a bottle to someone who doesn’t drink? The experts are leaving this gift behind in 2023. 


In: ‘Just Because’ gifts

We are all about year-round gifting at Cultivate because research shows that it makes people feel more appreciated for their efforts as they happen instead of checking off your holiday gift to-do. Need inspiration for unexpected opportunities to appreciate your network this year? Download the 2024 Appreciation Calendar here!

Download Cultivate's 2024 Appreciation Calendar

Out: Gifts that should be considered Benefits

PTO, bonuses, or health + lifestyle memberships are no longer “gifts” going into 2024; they are now standard benefits with many modern employers. Think outside the gift box with tangible proof of your appreciation (aka something they will actually want, like, and use like a premium product of their choice).


In: Conscious gifting

People resonate with gifts that reflect their values, which is why it’s more important now than ever to consider the source of your gift. Making conscious efforts to support eco-friendly, women, LGBTQIA+, or BIPOC-owned businesses shows them that you care about more than just the gift itself.


Out: Branded swag

This isn’t a new faux pas, but a friendly reminder that no one wants to feel like a walking billboard for their company outside of the office. Appreciation can go so much further when you let the gift speak for itself and not steal the spotlight by slapping your logo on it. 


And for those who have received water bottles, tech, or clothing that you aren’t using because of the logo eye-sore, check out this blog for tips on how to remove them safely.


In: Gifting with choice

The timeless option fit for any year, era, or personality is always gifting with choice! Gifting with choice upgrades your celebration of an employee’s accomplishments or incentive winners by appreciating their individuality as much as their hard work. Letting people select their own gift from a variety of premium products, from tech and fashion to homewares and wellness, ensures everyone gets a gift they love, use, and remember. 

In addition to the linked resources throughout this blog, you can always turn to Cultivate for trusted guidance and expert advice on gifting that always stays in style. On-site or online, we can deliver unforgettable gift programs anywhere in the world. To get started on your own 2024 gifting game plan, Connect with an Expert here!

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