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Top trends for incentive programs in 2023

A new year is here — what a gift! The months ahead are full of promise, and industry analysts are already weighing in...

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Consumable gifts are no cakewalk

Building an inclusive company culture takes effort and mindfulness from the inside out — rituals such as birthdays and...

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Incentivizing events is now crucial

With working from home now firmly established as the norm, many are wondering how this mega-trend has affected planners...

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Bleisure is the future of business travel

What do you get when you combine business and leisure travel? Bleisure! In case you haven’t heard, bleisure is an...

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Attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving. Appreciating and recognizing people in your organization is not only a way...

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Transform your workplace and bottom line with appreciation

Over the last twenty-five years, the ways companies do business have transformed. At the same time, people’s wants and...

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Part three: How to give better gifts

In the first and second parts of this blog series, our team of Gifting Experts shared four principles that your company...

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The best just upgraded to beta

The world has become increasingly digital in the last two years. Using traditional analog channels like direct mail...

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Part two: How to give better gifts

In the first part of this blog series, our team of Gifting Experts shares two principles that your company can apply to...

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Part one: How to give better gifts

Since prehistoric times, people have been exchanging gifts to boost engagement, offer appreciation, and celebrate...

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How gifting can support your social media strategy

Audiences are not as impressionable as they used to be. Today’s consumers are savvy. They scan their headlines. They...

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Appreciating people: expectations versus reality

Appreciating people with gifts of their choice has the power to help you create meaningful connections, improve...

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The problem with goal setting and gifting

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that the best way to achieve what we want in life is to set specific, actionable, and...

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Gifting options everyone can feel good about

We already know that gifting is hard. It can be even harder to find the right gifts for environmentally conscious...

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Appreciating people without algorithms

Technology is a wonderful tool that helps people connect, network, learn, and even send gifts. Without technology,...

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A reward and retention strategy that works

People have endless options when it comes to the things they want to buy and yet 90% still report being loyal to...

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Event Gifting in 2022: What to expect from us on-site

Across the country and around the world, in-person events, meetings, and incentive trips are taking place with the help...

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Generate sales leads and increase conversions with gifting

According to research, 74% of organizations view conversions as a top sales and marketing priority, proving the...

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Engage employees: Start a book club

If you want to create a consistent, stellar employee experience within your organization (and why wouldn’t you?), then...

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Stand out in a crowded market

Recently, a client was searching for a new way to grab the attention of their target audience. They said they’d tried...

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Do this to boost event attendance

There are two types of people in the world: Those who use innovative methods, like Virtual and Event Gifting, to drive...

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Three ways corporate gifting is changing for the better

Over the last decade, corporate gifting has rapidly evolved beyond holiday hams and branded apparel. As industry...

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How to re-engage and create meaningful connections with customers

For some organizations, customers have potentially been idle for the past two years. Looking ahead to 2022, it’s clear...

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