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Posted by Jenny McGee on 9/21/22 8:00 AM

The world has become increasingly digital in the last two years. Using traditional analog channels like direct mail campaigns will not help you adapt fast enough to the changing times. Cultivate’s unique approach to Online Gifting is all about optimizing our client's experience, maximizing their gifting budgets, accelerating results, and achieving greater business impact by combining innovation, experience, and execution in new ways. 

In part two of our evolved brand series, the Gifting Experts are re-introducing you to our Online Gifting Platform. Read on to discover how our all-in-one Platform is helping clients cut through the digital noise to deliver personalized appreciation. 


Combatting the influx of digital communication

In recent years, companies everywhere have integrated new technology within their marketing and sales strategies to move their businesses forward. This digital-first adaption opened up the proverbial floodgates. Now, professionals in all industries are served a minimum of 10,000 advertising messages per day and 600+ emails per week. Alas, it’s no surprise that it has become harder than ever to earn attention and win business. If generating demand that increases revenue is the ultimate goal for your company, nothing will help you soar to new heights quite like gifting. A 2018 study by the University of Zurich found that a single gift from a salesperson entices people to do business with them.

Amid the influx of digital products, Cultivate’s Online Gifting Platform is one of the premier channels to emerge, cutting through digital noise by delivering unexpected appreciation to people’s inboxes when it matters most. As demand grows, sales and marketing professionals are turning to our Platform as a more effective and tech-forward way to nudge prospects in the right direction, motivate team members, say thanks, and nurture existing clients.

Last June, Coresight Research determined that companies will invest upwards of $242B on corporate gifting. With gifting on the rise, how do we change the way companies think about and value appreciation? A digital-first gifting approach requires transitioning away from the outdated approach of filling a company closet with branded merchandise, handing out tchotchke, and pointing people towards point platforms as an effective means of appreciation. Our answer is simple: personalization.

A personalized approach to Online Gifting

Have you ever opened your inbox and felt completely overwhelmed by the number of emails? Like many of us, you probably filter and delete multiple emails every day. In the past two years, many businesses have accelerated their digital outreach strategies, leaving prospects, clients, and customers inundated with incoming communication. Alas, how can you personalize an email in a way that stands out and makes people want to open it?

You could insert someone’s first name into the subject line or humanize the messaging by mentioning an article they shared on LinkedIn. However, according to our Gifting Experts, these tactics aren’t enough. That’s where our Online Gifting Platform comes in—it puts you in direct contact with individual prospects and clients. No address? No problem! All you need is their email address. Inviting someone to select a gift from your Platform can help you stand out in a memorable way and be the difference between closing a sale or losing it. But more importantly, it can be the difference between creating a meaningful connection or becoming one more digital touchpoint that gets redirected to junk mail. Features like branded platforms, welcome messages, and inviting people to select a gift of their choice make the exchange highly personalized.

In addition to delivering a personalized and well-timed gift, managing multiple Online Gifting programs can be a hefty undertaking. There are many factors to consider, such as tracking redemption, compliance, budget, managing team members, the logistics of the program, accurate reporting, and measuring your return on investment. Our Platform makes it easy for you to execute, control, and monitor the performance of your program all in one centralized place.

There are so many moments in a single workday where gifting can be used to turn an impersonal touch into a memorable moment that drives relationships, loyalty, and your business forward. However you choose to execute your gifting strategy in 2022 and beyond, we hope this introduction helps you create more meaningful connections while making the most of your digital investments.

Delivering gifts by hand has become more difficult in recent years. But Online Gifting has arguably never been more personalized or flexible to fit your needs. Connect with our team of Gifting Experts to get a demo and see how our Online Gifting Platform works.

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