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Posted by Jenny McGee on 9/26/23 9:00 AM

The holiday season is peeking over the horizon. While it may feel too early to plan, our experts think otherwise.

To help get you in a holly jolly mood and ahead of the usual rush, we’re doing what we do best: incentivizing you with the chance to win a premium gift of your choice. The catch? You have to pledge *not* to gift company swag (aka, company branded or logo’d merchandise) this holiday season.


Flip the script and start something new

Let’s face it — we’ve all been guilty of quickly guessing and giving out swag in lieu of meaningful holiday gifts. While we believe any form of appreciation is better than none at all, we also know from 13+ years of experience that there’s a better way to maximize your investment while simultaneously giving holiday gifts everyone will love.

The challenge with gifting swag is that it usually ends up never being used, forgotten, or thrown out. This year, you have the chance to start a new holiday gift tradition with your employees and clients that’s more inclusive, sustainable, and personal. 

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Kick wasteful traditions to the curb

A season without swag is our take on holiday gifting that's good for the planet and your budget. We’ve done our homework, and it turns out that only 21% of swag actually gets used by recipients. Crazy, right? 🤯

Together, we can kick wasteful traditions to the curb and embark on a gifting journey that’s meaningful and eco-friendly. Here’s how:


Commit to a season without swag

Participating in an incentive campaign like this shows you’re taking mindful and sustainable steps to reduce waste that negatively impacts people and the planet.


📝 Click here to take the pledge.


Give the gift of choice

11.3 million tons of unwanted gifts and promotional products end up in landfills yearly. Sustainable gifting starts with choice. Inviting people to select a holiday gift of their choice guarantees everyone receives a gift they’ll love, frequently use, and remember who gave it to them.


Only pay for redeemed gifts

Pledging not to gift swag is beneficial for your budget, too! Our all-in-one online Platform gives you total control over your holiday spend, from setting team budgets and tracking redemption data in real-time to only paying when someone selects a gift.


Feel the impact

After the holidays, our team will share a report that recaps the impact your organization and others like it made. The report will include the number of companies that pledged not to gift swag, the number of gifts you saved from ending up in landfills and polluting our ocean, and much more.

Pledge to Forgo SwagPledging not to gift swag this season is commendable and easy. All you have to do is fill out this quick form by October 31st, and you’re automatically entered to win a premium gift of your choice. Plus, you’ll get to experience what better corporate holiday gifting looks and feels like (and how your recipients would feel if you partner with Cultivate!). What’s more rewarding than that?

We’ll draw two winners on Wednesday, November 1st, and all winners will be notified via email by Cultivate’s Marketing team. Good luck, and thanks for helping us reduce swag this holiday season!


Pledge to forgo swag this season

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