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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 10/13/23 9:00 AM

You attend an event or meeting, and bam! You find yourself the proud owner of a branded backpack, a logo-emblazoned coffee mug, or a cap that screams, "I was here!" Now, don't get us wrong; corporate swag is awesome! Who doesn't love free stuff, especially when it's high-quality gear? But here's the kicker – nobody wants to feel like a walking billboard.


Of course, the best option is to go for gifts that are unbranded to make your appreciation go further, but luckily, our Gifting Experts have learned some tricks to help you in case you receive gifts you’d love if it weren’t for being plastered with a less-than-sightly logo.


Removal Methods:

A word to the wise: be sure to inspect your product fully and do patch tests before committing to one of these solutions. Use caution with acetone, as it can melt certain plastics/fibers that are more reactive. Picking or seam-ripping embroidered jackets sometimes leaves a hole in the underlying fabric. Certain screen printing inks are baked into the fabric as it was designed to stay wash-after-wash, and removal methods may not work for these inks. If using heat solutions, be particularly careful on synthetic fabrics, as they could melt. Even natural fibers can burn. 

Remove Me

Embroidered Fabric 

Depending on the type of embroidery, gently picking with a seam ripper or even running a razor on the back side of an embroidered logo is a quick way to cut the threads. Sometimes this leaves a hole in the fabric, so another solution is to iron/sew a more artistic patch that reflects your personality. The last resort is to use a permanent marker like a fabric sharpie in the same shade to “dye” white stitching. 


Printed or Painted Water Bottles or Non-fabric Swag

For items like plastic or metal water bottles with a silkscreened, painted, or printed label, try 100% acetone (or vinegar first if you are concerned about damaging the material). Either with a cotton ball or paper towel, douse with acetone, and rub to remove most inks. For particularly stubborn logos, soak the label off by dousing a paper towel in acetone to fully cover and saturate the logo. Next, wrap the entire bottle in aluminum foil and wait 10-15 minutes. This slows the acetone evaporation and lets it work its magic to soften the paint. Gently scrub the remaining paint with steel wool or an abrasive sponge and thoroughly wash with soap and water before using.  


Glued-on, Screen Printed, and Rubber Logos or Patches on Fabrics

Heat is your friend with logos that are applied with adhesives. Starting with a low setting, use a hair dryer or an iron with a piece of parchment paper, and warm up the area with the logo to melt the glue. For certain screen printing, the edges may begin to curl up. With a pair of tweezers, gently pry the logo around the edges and try to lift the logo. If that doesn’t work, try to soak the area with isopropyl alcohol as another method to dissolve the adhesive (don’t forget a patch test!)


For Particularly Stubborn Vinyl or Silk-screened Logos

A small investment in a bottle of Albachem's VLR (Vinyl Letter Remover) Solvent for vinyl-printed logos on textiles. This works like the acetone and isopropyl alcohol methods on a stronger scale; the concentrated solvent disintegrates vinyl logos and is a great method to dissolve the most stubborn of logos. 


The Long-term Solution

We understand the desire for premium products without the branding baggage. That's why we offer a variety of collections of top-notch gifts from renowned brands at different price points, all without the company logos. You can select a gift of your choice from a collection of products that you'll love and actually use – no logo removal required!


Our mission is to give you the best of both worlds: the quality you deserve and the freedom to enjoy it on your terms. So, the next time you find yourself with corporate swag, remember that you don't have to wear that logo as a badge of honor. With our Gifting Solutions, it's even better. Just choose, enjoy, and rock that premium gear your way. 


Feeling passionate about logo-free gifting? Sign our Pledge to Forgo Swag this season! Now that you’re on the better gifting path, connect with a Gifting Expert here to start sending gifts they’ll love today. 

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