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Part two: On-site Gifting 101

Posted by Jenny McGee on 3/21/23 8:00 AM

Continuing from the first part of this blog series, we’re returning to the basics of On-site Gifting. When planning an event, meeting, or incentive trip, gifting should be one of the most fun, not the most time-consuming, or least convenient parts. No matter your goals, location, or budget, we’re here to help you plan and manage the details of your program — freeing you up to focus on what matters most: the people you’re appreciating.

Check out part two to learn more about appreciating people on-site, why it’s essential, and how our variety of in-person gifting solutions sets us apart.


What is On-site Gifting? 

At Cultivate, On-site Gifting is essential to every successful event, meeting, and incentive trip. Whether hosting an industry conference, a fundraising gala, or a corporate celebration, thoughtful and well-executed gifting can take your event to the next level.

Simply put, On-site Gifting is the act of inviting people to select a gift of their choice during your event, meeting, or incentive trip. Premium gifting options like high-end tech gadgets, sunglasses, and footwear are among some of our clients (and their recipients!) preferred choices. No matter which Collection you select, the goal is to ensure that it aligns with your meeting, event, or trip’s theme, message, and values and leaves a lasting impression that people will remember.


Why is On-site Gifting important? 

For one, it provides a tangible reminder of your event, meeting, or trip long after it's over. People will be more likely to remember and talk about your event if they have a physical item to connect it to.

Additionally, incentivizing events is now crucial for success. According to emerging research, planners need to offer incentives to encourage people to leave their homes and home offices, as events and rewards have become more critical than ever in fostering community among a dispersed and remote workforce.

Lastly, On-site Gifting can help build brand awareness and loyalty. By appreciating people with a gift of their choice, you increase the chances that they will become repeat customers and advocates for your brand.

What sets Cultivate’s On-site Gifting solution apart from others?

Appreciating people on-site with a gift of their choice can have a serious impact. However, complications and costs can spiral if you go at it alone. When you partner with Cultivate, you’re paying for appreciation that works and giving people more than a gift. Our team of Gifting Experts helps companies of all sizes plan and deliver personalized appreciation at any scale.

In addition to what makes our variety of on-site solutions successful, here are a few ways we differentiate ourselves:

  • Our Event team helps you plan and manage the details.
  • From inventory to hand-delivering gifts to people at the Pop-up Shop, our professionally trained On-site Staff execute the On-site Gifting program.
  • Pop-up Shops instantly impress and create an inviting atmosphere for people to connect.
  • Instant gratification can be delivered practically anywhere on-site 
  • Flexible solutions, such as Gifitng Suites, to suit every need and scenario 
  • Multi-gift solutions include Add-Ons and Ticket Programs
  • All-in-one Platform solution for those who can’t make the event or trip
  • No matter your program’s goals, location, or budget, we always gift with choice and offer premium brands and products people will love 
  • Collections are curated based on trends, availability, and redemption data to offer a variety of gifting categories 

Nothing beats a gift they select on-site, use during the event or trip, and take home to cherish for years to come. Cultivate offers various On-site Gifting services to suit any theme, location, or budget. From creative brainstorming and product sourcing to custom experiences and shipping logistics, our team of experts will help you create an unforgettable gifting program.

Contact us today to learn how we can help elevate your next event, meeting, or incentive trip with On-site Gifting. We’d love to tell you more!

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