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Event and meeting planners explore the benefits of B2B gifting

Posted by Jenny McGee on 4/11/23 8:00 AM

Since 2010, Cultivate has been trusted by some of the best planners and event specialists in the industry. We’ve delivered thousands of On-site Gifting programs and helped planners stay ahead of their gifting game through our all-in-one Platform. As the corporate gifting industry continues to grow, so do our variety of solutions that can help planners make the most of their events, meetings, and incentive trips.

Explore this blog to discover the wealth of benefits that B2B gifting offers planners. Plus, how partnering with an experienced and trusted gifting company can help you save time and money, boost your reputation, and deliver an unforgettable gifting program.


The benefits of B2B gifting.

B2B gifting can have a significant impact on meetings, events, and incentive trip planners. These professionals are responsible for organizing and executing meetings, events, and conferences, and B2B gifting can serve as a valuable tool to facilitate their tasks and achieve desired outcomes. The impacts include:

Relationship building: B2B gifting can help planners develop and maintain relationships with clients, partners, and suppliers. Memorable gifting can leave a positive impression, increase trust, and foster loyalty among stakeholders.

Attendee engagement: Incorporating gifting into a meeting, event, or trip can enhance engagement and satisfaction. Gifts can be used as icebreakers, rewards for participation, or tokens of appreciation.

Networking opportunities: B2B gifting can facilitate networking among attendees — serving as conversation starters and helping people build connections with one another.

Boosting morale: Gifting can also serve as a morale booster for event staff and internal teams. When people are appreciated with gifts of their choice, they may feel more motivated and valued, which can translate into better overall performance.

Brand recognition: Thoughtful gifts can help increase brand recognition and awareness. Planners can use On-site Gifting to promote their services or the company they represent, contributing to overall business growth.

Sponsorship opportunities: Planners can leverage gifting to secure sponsorships that help offset event costs. This can result in better ROE and increased revenue for the event.

Competitive edge: Offering premium and memorable gifting options can give planners a competitive advantage in their industry. By differentiating themselves through B2B gifting, planners can attract new clients and retain existing ones.

Increased referrals: Planners who are known for providing exceptional gifting programs may receive more referrals from satisfied clients or partners. This can lead to new business opportunities and a stronger reputation in the industry.

The benefits of a B2B gifting partner. 

Meeting, event, and incentive trip planners can benefit greatly from partnering with an experienced and trusted corporate gifting partner, like Cultivate, for several reasons, including:

Expertise: Cultivate brings specialized knowledge and experience in selecting, customizing, and delivering gifting solutions that are tailored to the needs of the event. Our expertise ensures that the entire process aligns with the planner's goals, budget, and target audience, leading to a more successful outcome.

Time-saving: Planning meetings, events, and trips can be time-consuming, with many tasks requiring attention. By partnering with Cultivate, planners can delegate the entire gifting process to experts, freeing up time to focus on other crucial aspects of the event.

Cost-effective: Our team helps planners identify the best gifts within their budget, and because we always gift with choice, you can rest assured that you’re generating a maximum return on investment.

Customization: A gifting partner can provide options for personalization, like On-site Design Experiences, making your program unique and memorable. This level of personalization helps reinforce the event’s goals and creates a lasting impression.

Streamlined logistics: At Cultivate, we have the resources and expertise to handle the details, so you don’t have to. From logistics to delivery, we ensure there’s more than enough inventory, gifting options arrive in perfect condition, and people receive a gift of their choice.

Consistent quality: Partnering with premium brands helps us ensure that all gifting options are of consistent and premium quality, which helps maintain the planner's reputation for excellence.

Innovative ideas: No matter your goals or gifting history, our team of experts brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table, ensuring that the gifting options are trendy and impactful. This can help the planner stand out from the competition.

Compliance and cultural considerations: Cultivate understands the importance of adhering to corporate policies and cultural norms, helping planners avoid potential pitfalls or issues associated with B2B gifting. 

B2B gifting can positively impact meeting planners by enhancing relationships, promoting brand recognition, improving attendee engagement, facilitating networking, increasing referrals, offering sponsorship opportunities, providing a competitive edge, and boosting staff morale — all of which can positively impact their bottom line and benefit everyone involved. 

By leveraging the services of a gifting partner like Cultivate, planners can elevate events and create lasting impressions while focusing on other essential aspects of planning. Connect with a Gifting Expert to learn more about partnering with Cultivate and our variety of gifting solutions — we’d love to tell you more!

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