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Posted by Jenny McGee on 1/17/23 8:00 AM

Building an inclusive company culture takes effort and mindfulness from the inside out — rituals such as birthdays and milestones are a wonderful way to reinforce your organization’s core values. Why waste an opportunity to make people feel appreciated and recognized for something as generic as food and beverage gifts? 

In this week’s blog feature, our experts share why consumable gifts are no cakewalk.


Forsake the cake.

The office culture of ordering a cake for someone’s birthday has always been a hassle. There is the search for mismatched plates, knives, and forks from takeout lunches past. Don’t forget the “not me” game of cleanup. And we haven’t even started to consider the more than 160 foods that have been identified to cause food allergies and dietary restrictions. 

Another reason to forsake the cake? A BBC report found that office cake culture is posing a serious risk to our health. A senior dentist, Professor Nigel Hunt, says that all those celebratory cakes are not only increasing obesity rates but also dental health problems. "For many people, the workplace is now the primary site of their caloric intake and is contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health," says Hunt, noting that the sugary temptation makes it seriously difficult for people to stick to healthy lifestyles. 

In the office and beyond, consumables have been the default for appreciating people’s birthdays and special celebrations because they make people feel recognized and valued. Historically, food and beverage gifts have been viewed as accessible and thoughtfully homemade gifts. Yet, busy modern life rarely allows time to create a home-baked treat. 

The solution you’ve been searching for.

If this sounds like your office, then partnering with Cultivate is the solution you’re searching for. Our variety of on-site and online solutions help you deliver personalized and inclusive appreciation. No forks, knives, plates, or clean-up needed. Most importantly, gifting with the concept of choice allows everyone to select a gift that suits their interests and celebrates their individuality.

Elevate these special occasions and eliminates the guesswork commonly associated with giving someone a gift or baking a cake everyone can enjoy. And, because we only partner with premium brands that offer quality products, our gifting solutions generate a positive return on your company’s investment compared to other traditional gifts like branded merchandise, chocolates, and flowers that are easily forgotten. 

Ready to revamp your office celebrations and appreciation strategies? Connect with the experts — we’d love to tell you more!

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