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Top-redeemed products from our Holiday Gifting Catalog

Posted by Jenny McGee on 11/30/21 1:00 AM

When it comes to successful gifting, no one else offers the most wanted trends or quality products people will love quite like Cultivate. With over a decade of experience, we know appreciating people only makes an impact when they feel like they’ve been treated to something they wouldn’t usually select for themselves.

In this week’s blog feature, our team of Gifting Experts details the top ten most wanted quality products from our 2021 Holiday Gifting Catalog and explains why these products are filling people’s wishlists. Plus, learn how our team designs each Curated Collection and get exclusive access to see even more of the brands and gifting options we recommend.

1. 4K Television

It’s time to cozy up with holiday movies, and there’s no better way to do that than with The Frame by Samsung. Now with additional styles, colors, artwork, and add-ons, this QLED tv gives them more ways to personalize their space and enhance their interior aesthetic, all while enjoying the stunning picture quality of a 4K.

Why do people love this product? No need for storage cabinets that hide your tv, The Frame comes with personalization options so they can always display their favorite images. It’s tv when it’s on, and art when it’s off.

2. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Whether they love listening to holiday music or today’s top hits, invite them to immerse themselves in sound. Bang & Olufsen has carved a steady reputation as a luxury industry leader, producing top-tier headphones and speakers.

Why do people love this product? Wireless Bluetooth headphones are well-loved by people of all ages because of their connectivity capabilities and hands-free audio features.

3. Handheld Massage Recovery

Any recreationists on your list? Nowadays, you don’t have to be a professional athlete or a massage therapist to get relief from sore and achy muscles. With Therabody, a quick calf or shoulder sweep is in the palm of their hands, right when they need it. This deep muscle massage treatment helps people feel better and recover faster.

Why do people love this product? Cramps, knots, and tension can strike at the most inconvenient times. These handheld massage devices make it easy to precisely target areas that need attention.

4. Cast Iron and Ceramic Cookware

Home for the holidays means they’ll be busy serving up everyone’s favorite dishes. Known for culinary craftsmanship, Staub specializes in cast iron and ceramic cookware for home chefs and foodies alike. Perfect for simmering and serving cozy meals all year round, this is a gift that will keep on giving.

Why do people love this product? Did you know that most nonstick cookware contains PFAS, also known as Teflon, coatings? After continual use, the PFAS starts to break down, releasing chemicals into the air and food we eat. Whereas cast iron and ceramic cookware products are PFAS-free and tend to last through decades of continued use.

5. Stand Mixer

No matter if you’re in the mood for cookies, pies, or even breakfast pastries, this stand mixer makes last-minute holiday treats easier. Equipped with a tilt-head design, variable speeds, and must-have mixer accessories, so they can easily adjust the texture without losing any of the flavors.

Why do people love this product? Over the years, stand mixers have remained popular, for the simple reason that it works incredibly well. It’s also loved for its versatility and multitude of attachments, including a food processor, meat grinder, spiralizer, pasta roller, ice cream maker, and juicer—just to name a few.

6. Interactive Home Gym

With a small footprint and elegant design, Mirror is the latest technology in interactive home gyms. It blends seamlessly into their home—all people need is two feet of wall space to turn any space into their new workout room.

Why do people love this product? With 50+ genres, 5-60 minute classes, and absolute beginner to expert levels, Mirror will make spirits bright with workouts for everyone.

7. Wood-burning Fire Pit

It’s cold outside; help them warm up while enjoying the outdoors with Solo Stove. Made from stainless steel, these wood-burning stoves and fire pits are designed with efficient airflow and made to be portable and durable. Making this is a gift everyone will want to gather around.

Why do people love this product? There are so many outdoor fire pits on the market, it can be tough to decide on one. These fire pits and camp stoves produce a “secondary burn” that nearly eliminates smoke, so they can grab a seat, relax, and breathe easy.

8. Luggage and Bags

Whether they’re headed home for the holidays or on a winter weekend getaway, quality luggage and bags add style and functionality to all kinds of adventures. These travel essentials will help them go everywhere.

Why do people love this product? Put through rigorous testing, every Tumi product is crafted with quality materials, attention to detail, and functional superiority.

9. Blue Light Blockers

An uptick in screen time is sure to have an effect on their eyes. Blue Light Blockers give their vision a break from virtual reality so they can’t say goodbye to headaches, blurry vision, and restless nights.

Why do people love this product? With so many people working remotely, Blue Light Blockers have become a must-have accessory. Designed to block and protect their eyes from harmful blue light, these glasses are known for saving people from headaches, dry eyes, and blurry vision.

10. Cozy Slippers

We can’t stop talking about these slippers, and once they select a pair, they won’t be able to either. A soft retreat for their feet, OluKai slippers invite people to slip into comfort.

Why do people love this product? OluKai designs its slipper to deliver the ultimate level of warmth and comfort. Made with soft shearling and premium nubuck leather, its versatile slippers feel as good as they look.

Finding the right gift for someone is hard, so don’t. With gifting options that offer something for everyone on your list, our variety of quality products guarantees they’ll find a gift they love. Our team of experts monitors trends, reviews feedback, and designs each Curated Collection with care. 

Every gifting program is unique, and we’re here to make yours a success. Whether you’re planning to appreciate people in Q4 or want to kick their 2022 off in style, download our 2021 Holiday Gifting Catalog to see more about the brands we recommend.

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