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Recognize and reward essential workers with a virtual gift experience

Posted by Jenny McGee on 9/15/20 2:00 AM

While many businesses had to close their doors in the wake of the coronavirus, other places of business such as hospitals, grocery stores, and pharmacies remained open and ready to serve, thanks to essential workers. From front-line nurses and doctors to clerks in the checkout lane and delivery drivers—these were the invisible heroes, not wearing capes but helping to protect and provide for their local communities.

Six months later, while we have commercials that honor them and the public applauds them, there’s a conversation brewing about how to reward and recognize essential workers in a meaningful way. Companies who want to deliver heartfelt gratitude are looking past cash, gift cards, and tchotchke gifts and looking towards rewarding programs that will make an impact. Our solution: virtual gift experiences.

By and large, organizations have been left to their own devices with regard to how they reward their essential workers. For example, a grocery chain allowed its workers to wear jeans and sent packages of cookies to store locations as an added work perk. Another company handed out branded merchandise and office supplies as a means of rewarding them. Even though their intentions are in the right place, the impact of these tends to fall flat.

Webster defines a reward as, “a thing given in recognition of one’s service, effort, or achievement.” The problem with rewards like cookies, calendars, or relaxed dress codes isn’t that they’re necessarily bad; it’s that they don’t recognize each recipient’s service, efforts, or achievements. Wearing jeans to work might be more comfortable, but it isn’t memorable or impactful to those on the receiving end. In comparison, virtual gift experiences are designed to actually feel rewarding.

Virtual gift experiences offer essential workers a choice to select an aspirational gift they want and will enjoy using frequently—a reward that’s both impactful and memorable. Choice gives recipients an opportunity to select a gift they want, not one they need. It helps ensure a moment that’s all about them. Aspirational products highlight your recognition efforts and help show how much you care. Frequency of use helps celebrate essential staff as real, individualized people with their own interests and preferences. When you deliver on all three, recipients are more likely to feel appreciated and valued long after the gift program ends. And you don’t have to break the bank to make it happen; our Curated Collections are tiered by price, meaning we have a program for every type of budget.

There’s no doubt that employees are essential to business success. And essential workers deserve to be rewarded and recognized for the contributions and commitments to helping us all stay safe, well-stocked, and healthy. Why not let the Amazon delivery person keep the package just once?! Celebrate and reward their dedication with a virtual gift program—it’s easy for you and rewarding for them.

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