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Posted by Jenny McGee on 5/7/24 2:30 PM

With On-site Gifting, you select the category, and we tailor the products to your event. So, if you’re headed out west to the mountains or going south to a tropical destination, we have gifts for every destination and occasion. Check out the latest edition of the On-site Gifting Lookbook to discover more On-site Gifting options from brands they’ll love.

Gifts as hot as your tropical destinations ☀️

Heading to the beach or another warm-weather destination for fun in the sun? Once your meeting ends, people can experience diving or fishing excursions, windsurfing, parasailing over the ocean, or relaxing by the pool. To help them make the most of their trip, our On-site Gifting options offer something that will suit everyone.

Our team of experts recommends sport sunglasses with high-performance lenses that are perfect for time spent out on the water, sandals (because it’s time to kick off those dress shoes!), waterproof bags to keep your essentials dry, hats with built-in SPF and reusable drinkware to help people stay hydrated in the heat.

OluKai closeup

Gifts as cool as a retreat to the mountains 🏔️

From fly fishing and world-class golf in the summer to a group snowmobile tour, snowshoe excursion, or day of skiing in the winter, mountain destinations offer various engaging group activities year-round designed to encourage team building, networking, and connection. So, when it comes to On-site Gifting in the mountains, the chances that people will need resort attire or sandals are slim to none.

Our team of experts recommends gifting options such as polarized sunglasses (higher elevation means you’re closer to the sun!), closed-toe shoes ideal for various terrains, waterproof jackets as an apparel option, watches to keep track of the time, and, of course, luggage that can hold all of their cold-weather accessories.


Every program is unique, and we’re here to make yours successful. Our team monitors trends, reviews feedback, and carefully curates each collection. No matter where you’re headed, our On-site Gifting options offer something for everyone and every destination!

To see and learn more about the brands and quality products we offer on-site, explore our On-site Gifting Lookbook.

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