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B2B gifting for companies that care

Posted by Jenny McGee on 2/14/23 8:00 AM

Valentine's Day is not just for romantic couples; it's also a great opportunity to show appreciation and build relationships with corporate partners, employees, clients, and colleagues. In the fast-paced world of business, taking the time to show that you care can go a long way in building strong and lasting professional connections.

At Cultivate, we understand the importance of B2B gifting. Whether you're looking to show appreciation, reward hard work, or simply spread a little love, we've got you covered.


Show people how much you care, any time of year.

We aren’t great at romance, but we are great at corporate gifting. And if we’re being honest, our solutions are not suitable for everyone and every occasion — like significant others on Valentine’s Day. But what if we told you that showing people how much you care about and appreciate them isn’t strictly reserved for this Hallmark holiday?

According to a study conducted among 300+ corporate gift buyers, 80% of respondents claimed that corporate gifting had improved relationships with coworkers and clients. Meanwhile, 88% of the companies said gifting had delivered a substantial benefit, as it made people feel valued and boosted bottom lines. The result: improved relationships, nurtured connections, and a Return On Appreciation that everyone benefits from.

For us, every day is an opportunity to show coworkers, clients, customers, and partners that you care for and appreciate them. Just because your relationship doesn’t include a conventional kind of “love” doesn’t mean you can’t send them a gift and make their day.


Premium gifting options everyone will love.

With all that said, not every gift is created equal. A thoughtless and cheap gift can actually have a negative impact. A staggering 93% of surveyed employees said they’ve felt under-appreciated by their employer based on the gifts they’ve received, and 76% reported the gifts they’ve received from their employer to be impersonal and generic.

At Cultivate, we specialize in helping companies deliver thoughtful gifting programs at any scale. Our Collections are curated based on quality, longevity, trends, and availability, so people truly love — and cherish — the gifts they select. And we offer them in a range of budgets so you can see real returns without breaking the bank.

A partner you can count on.

As the Gifting Experts, we respectfully ask that you leave us out of romantic gifting. See above for Valentine’s Day do’s and don’ts when it comes to partnering with Cultivate for your gifting needs. Nonetheless, just because this holiday was created for lovebirds doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an opportunity to show B2B connections how much they mean to you and your company’s success.

Our team is always around to help — whether it’s finding the right gifts, giving a Platform demo, or designing a solution that’s customized to your goals. Click here or the button below to get in touch with a Gifting Expert. We’d love to connect with you! 


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