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Why employees are your best brand advocates

Posted by Tara Doherty on 2/7/23 8:00 AM

Studies suggest people are likelier to turn down high-paying salaries for companies that prioritize employee appreciation. Employees are often the best brand advocates and a company's greatest asset. That’s why it’s essential to recognize their hard work and dedication, as it can profoundly impact morale, productivity, and, ultimately, the business's success. 

In this blog feature, we’re making a case for why employee advocacy starts from within, and how cultivating a culture of appreciation allows your business to reap the benefits now and far into the future.


The face of the company.

All too often, employees feel undervalued, and it’s natural for companies to focus on upholding customer satisfaction. While customers do play a critical role in keeping the entire operation afloat — so do employees. In fact, more often than not, employees are the ones making the magic happen day in and day out.

As the most visible representation of your brand, employees are the face of your company. Their direct contact with customers, business partners, and potential clients makes them the most important people in your organization. Thus, it is essential to ensure that they're passionate and enthusiastic about the work they’re doing.

From past gifting programs, we’ve learned that appreciating employees is just as — if not more — important than customers. What do we mean by appreciating employees? There isn’t a perfect answer. But one we’ve found that works almost all of the time: gifting. We know that not all jobs are necessarily fun or enjoyable. The key is placing employee appreciation, satisfaction, and retention *before* company success.


The in’s and out’s.

As the most credible source of information about your company, employees are the ones that know your company from the inside and out. They understand the values that your business stands for and how it operates on a day-to-day basis. This firsthand knowledge establishes trust with colleagues, customers, and external partners. 


Reaching new audiences.

With an extreme depth of knowledge about your company and brand, employees are an invaluable asset for reaching new audiences. Whether it’s through social media, networking events, or word of mouth, employee referrals are vital in casting a wider net. 

Another benefit is how customers or potential partners can understand what it’s like to work for or alongside your company. This human connection can help your brand stand out in an oversaturated market and encourage people to choose you over competitors.


Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate.

Outside of traditional occasions, it’s important to recognize employees year-round. One of the best ways to acknowledge employees is by inviting them to select a gift of choice on occasions like Employee Appreciation Day, which is quickly approaching on March 3rd.

Gifting with choice allows employees to select something they truly appreciate, which increases the value of the gift and shows that you care about what interests them. Plus, it’s a great way to build positive relationships with employees and reinforce that their opinions and ideas matter.

Let us help you send them a thoughtful gift that communicates just how much they mean to the company. And don’t fret — our team is here to handle the details like gifting options and logistics.

What does all of the above lead to? Increased revenue. Loyal customers. And a company equipped for longevity. Employees who enjoy their work are more productive, motivated, and successful. And because the internal affects the external, how employees feel about your company will influence how the public perceives it.

The success of your company starts from within. Focus on your employees — the true advocates of your brand’s position and purpose. What motivates them? What are their goals? What makes them feel appreciated? Prioritize those things, and you’ll notice a Return On Appreciation that is, in turn, driving your business forward more effectively than before.

Ready to show employees they’re valued? Schedule a demo to see how Platform Gifting can you help spread smiles across the miles on Employee Appreciation Day and throughout the entire year.

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