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Posted by Tara Doherty on 9/19/23 8:00 AM

The holiday season is a time for celebration, gratitude, and spreading joy. One of the most cherished holiday traditions is gifting. In corporate industries, this yearly tradition extends to employees, clients, and entire networks — each carrying significant importance. 

While both employee and client gifting share commonalities when it comes to expressing appreciation, they shouldn’t be delivered in the same way. Wondering why? Keep reading! Because in this week’s blog post, our Gifting Experts explore the differences between sending holiday gifts to employees versus clients and introduce a unique solution that guarantees smiles on everyone's faces.


Employee gifts: add a personal touch

Employee gifting is a wonderful way to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of colleagues, direct reports, and remote staff. Instead of giving traditional, one-size-fits-all gifts, make spirits bright with the gift of choice. 

Effortless setup: After you connect with an expert, they can get you signed up on the Platform in a matter of minutes, and then sending gifts to employees only takes a few seconds. It's a hassle-free process that allows you to focus on the sentiments behind the gift, rather than the logistics.

Tailored to you: When it comes to deciding on gifting options, you can choose from either a variety of gift collections curated by our team of experts or customize your own to align with your budget, audience, and or company culture. No matter which one you choose, Cultivate handles all of the details — from planning and inventory to distribution and delivery — leaving you with peace of mind and a stress-free holiday season.

Nothing but delight: Our all-in-one Platform turns holiday gifting into an online experience they will never forget. Your employees will be thrilled to open an email with a personalized holiday message and image from you. Plus, the opportunity to browse and select a gift that has been on their wishlist all year is the cherry on top. These personalized digital touchpoints go a long way in making people feel appreciated and valued.

Empower your employees: Once your email lands in their inbox, the choice is all theirs! Recipients browse and select from a curated list of 50-60 premium brands, across a variety of product categories. This not only ensures they receive something they truly want and aspire to own, but it also shows that you value their individual preferences. New call-to-action


Client gifts: aim to strengthen business relationships

On the other hand, gifting clients is a strategic way to nurture relationships and expand your network. While traditional gift baskets or food and beverage gifts are a classic choice, there's a more effective and modern way to delight your clients during the holidays.

Breaking tradition: Break free from the gift basket tradition. Clients receive numerous gift baskets during the holiday season, and most of them end up forgotten about, going stale, or only enjoyed by a few people. 

In fact, 90% of B2B gift basket recipients report they either don’t know who sent it or can’t indulge. With Cultivate, offering a unique and thoughtful holiday gift everyone can enjoy helps you stand out from the crowd.

Choice and variety: Clients, like employees, appreciate the freedom to select a gift of their choice. With 50-60 curated options, your clients can select a gift that resonates with them personally. Alternatively, you can take it one step further and appreciate clients with something their whole office will love and use time and time again. 

Seamless execution: As we’ve already mentioned, our all-in-one Platform is designed to make sending holiday gifts easy and stress-free. No home addresses needed or hidden costs to worry about. You can rest assured that our team is working behind the scenes to handle the details and deliver a memorable experience to your recipients. 

Efficiency and tracking: Our dynamic Platform allows you to send gifts with ease, capture data to track and see which gifts your clients redeem, and monitor all activities from one central place. This type of reporting and control are invaluable tools for tailoring future follow-ups and appreciation efforts.

The holiday season is an ideal time to strengthen relationships and deliver appreciation to both employees and clients. While these two audiences are not the same, they share a common thread – they move your business forward. 

By embracing a modern end-of-year gifting solution that empowers people to select meaningful gifts and offers a unique experience, you'll not only make this holiday season memorable but also set the stage for a successful year ahead. 

This year, consider investing in a new approach to B2B holiday gifting that everyone will love, benefit from, and remember. Don’t delay, connect with our Gifting Experts to take your holiday program to the next level. We’d love to help!

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