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The definition of a great gift

Posted by Tara Doherty on 8/9/22 8:00 AM

What makes a gift “great?” This frequently asked question is discussed regularly by our team of experts, by companies of all sizes, and by individual people, too. When it comes to gifting, the word “great” is objective. What you consider “great” might be defined completely differently from the person next to you.

To help answer this question, we asked our team of Gifting Experts to share what they believe makes a gift “great.” Here’s what they had to say: 

A great gift is thoughtful and unique

It's pretty obvious when someone puts time and energy into a gift versus just checking the box. When a person knows you’ve taken time to consider their individual interests, it creates a feeling of connection and shows them that you care. 

“A gift that shows they know what I’m interested in and care about.” - Alyssa 

These days, many people believe that gifting should mirror current trends, but fads fade. The tchotchke you saw on TikTok may be cool this week, but our Gifting Experts are 99.9% sure that by the end of next week, it will be irrelevant. Giving an aspirational gift makes it timeless and adds value. Unique gifts also have the ability to bring the recipient right back to where they were and how they felt each time they use them. 

“A great gift is being able to remember where I was, how I received it, and how I felt every time I get to put it on or use it.” - Tiffany 

A great gift is surprising and useful

Some people love surprises and others not so much, but when you give someone an unexpected gift, it’s sure to please! Why? Because you’ve thought about them outside of the traditional gifting seasons, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, or the holidays. 

“A gift is great to me when it is unexpected; like a fun surprise.” - Aly 

Gifts should always be items people will frequently use. Otherwise, it ends up in your next yard sale, the trash, or collecting dust. A “great” gift should make the recipient better in some way, ultimately playing a bigger and more frequent part in your recipient’s life. 

“A great gift is something that I get to choose and actually use.” - Caroline 

A great gift is meaningful and memorable

Similar to the definition of “great,” meaningful and memorable gifts will also be defined differently by each person you ask. However, gifts tied to memorable moments or special occasions tend to stand out since they’re tied to important dates or milestones. Meaningful and memorable gifts have the power to deepen human connections and foster important relationships. 

“A great gift sparks a connection between the recipient and the receiver.” - Jackie 

“A gift is great to me when it is attached to someone special.” - Emilie 

Appreciating people with “great” gifts should just be as fun as receiving them. To hear how some of our other Gifting Experts define a “great” gift, check out our latest Instagram reel or talk to the Gifting Experts themselves

Appreciate people more and celebrate them often. Happy gifting!

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