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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 5/14/24 9:00 AM

We know how important it is to find amazing gifts for your event attendees. With various options and customizations available, choosing the right program can sometimes feel overwhelming. Whether you're planning an upcoming event, incentive trip, corporate retreat, conference, or special celebration, our On-site Gifting programs are designed to leave a lasting impression.

At Cultivate, our Done-for-you Service means that we believe no question should go unanswered. Whether you’re planning your first event or the hundredth, you probably have a few questions. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few of our frequently asked questions to guide you as you begin planning upcoming gift programs and events.


Can you tell me a little more about Cultivate?

For over 14 years, we have been the incentives and corporate gift industry's experts and thought leaders. Our Gifting Experts handle all the details, so you don’t have to worry about logistics. We’re committed to ensuring our On-site Staff are the best in the industry. Our professional training ensures that our process is turnkey and your guests receive a great experience at your event. Check out the On-site Gifting Lookbook to learn more about the gifting solutions, categories, and premium brands we offer.


What do you mean by turnkey service? 

We handle the details so you don’t have to—from securing amazing gifts and delivering impressive displays to On-site Staff, logistics, distribution, and beyond. This means everything from our Pop-up Shop to managing inventory on-site and any post-event responsibilities are fulfilled and managed by Cultivate, requiring no additional work from you or your team.


What is On-site Gifting?

Wherever your events, incentive trips, and gift programs take you, our team will meet you there! From our boutique-inspired merchandising in our Pop-up Shops to our variety of premium brands and products, our On-site Gifting solution offers your guests the feeling of instant gratification when they’re invited to select a gift they truly love, use it during the event, and take it home with them on the same day! 


Does Cultivate offer top brands and styles?

Having a selection of category-leading brands, new products to discover, and frequently updated gift categories to choose from when selecting your gift partner just makes sense. Our top three gift categories are eyewear, footwear, and handbags and luggage. Our goal is for your guests to feel the same fantastic way they did selecting a gift during their gift experience when someone stops them to ask, “Wow, where did you get that bag?”


Want to try something new and fun? Explore our latest Room Drop, Branded Gifts, and Pre and Post-event Gifts, featuring the latest trends and styles. From long-adored faves to fresh styles for the sunny season ahead, the Lookbook has it all detailed for you! 

Click here to view all of our Gifting Collections and branded options in our On-site Gifting Lookbook

Can the gifts be branded?

At Cultivate, we offer branded gifting options through our Pre-event and Room Drop collections! Unlike traditional branded swag, which is often destined for the landfill, we ensure these collections are still premium gifts people would love to have. In addition, our Add-Ons, like sunglass cloths and shoe bags, are customizable, affordable gifts that complement our collections and reinforce your appreciation.


Isn’t there a “one gift that fits all” that everyone will love?

The short answer is no. Here’s why: it all starts giving your guests a choice. Giving the same gift to every person at your event doesn’t embrace their individual interests or preferences. Each guest is unique – not everyone likes, or wants, or would use a fleece jacket with your company logo embroidered. Most of our clients want a memorable gift program that offers their guests the right amount of choice, allowing them to select a gift that fits their lifestyle. 


Since 2010, Cultivate has been offering our clients and their guests a choice: an amazing variety of aspirational brands they desire to own but won’t buy for themselves and a gift they will frequently use and remember who gave it to them. 


As a planner, I’m typically super busy. When you say high-end merchandising and Pop-up Shops, why are those elements important?

Over 80% of our clients say a more attractive on-site pop-up boutique display is important to them. Our on-site merchandising is created to resemble a high-end retail store and create an unforgettable, inviting experience for your guests. From set-up to take-down and creating a welcoming experience as your guests select their gifts, we take care of all of these elements at your event so you don’t have to add any more to your to-do list. 

Does Cultivate do international events?

Yes! Our Gifting Experts can meet you almost anywhere in the world. We work with you, hotel representatives, and customs brokers to overcome any challenges that may arise in the most cost-effective way. Logistics, including taxes, duties, and shipping costs, are dependent on the program. To receive an accurate estimate, connect with a Gifting Expert.


Where are your staff from?

No matter where you are, our experts are close by! Staff are strategically positioned in domestic and international event hot spots to keep costs to a minimum.


How many gift programs does Cultivate do each year?

Our Gifting Experts keep busy year-round! On average, we deliver 600+ programs per year and appreciate over 135,000 people annually.


How much extra inventory do you bring? What happens when you run out of something on-site?

We bring 40% more inventory than your guest list counts as a starting point, but in many cases, it fluctuates based on the need and the team's judgment based on the program specs.

In the very rare cases that we do run out, there are some categories where we can send the guests a code if they cannot find something on-site that works for them, although we cannot guarantee that the same styles will be available. For other categories, our team on-site does their best to steer them to one of the other available options. When clients ask this, we lean into the fact that because we send in multiple styles and overage, we can almost always get their guests something on-site while still offering a choice.

Suppose they wouldn't choose the rest of the available inventory. In that case, we can offer them a code for our online collection of the same value (explaining that different categories of gifts would be available). 

Will there be a line at the Pop-up Shop?

 Event Coordinators work with clients to understand what the event and gifting flow will look like on-site. With that, we make sure to staff appropriately. Our Gifting Experts create a 1:1 experience with each person to make it feel like a rewarding experience. This can occasionally cause lines, but we move through people as quickly as possible without sacrificing the experience. Plus, a small line can help generate buzz and excitement! 


What if it rains?

In the event of weather, the dedicated Event Coordinator and Lead Gifting Expert on-site will work with the client to find an indoor location for gifting. Once the new location is determined, our on-site team of Gifting Experts will handle moving/getting everything set up in the new location.


Do you offer gift bags?

Yes! Bags will be provided for all On-site Gifting programs.


Have more questions? Have a new brand or product request? Just want to chat about an upcoming program and get expert recommendations? You know what to do — connect with Cultivate and someone will be in touch with you on the same day! 

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