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Posted by Tara Doherty on 9/7/22 9:00 AM

Just like car companies regularly evolve over time, so has the Cultivate brand. Think about it this way: even models like the Ford Mustang and Jeep’s Grand Wagoner continue to transform—each evolution of these vehicles consisting of something old and something new. Something that makes them as trusted as previous models and as savvy as modern technology. 

Now, the Gifting Experts are ushering in a new breed of corporate appreciation that everyone benefits from. In this week’s blog feature, our team shares a few ways we’re evolving and a few ways we’re building on the foundation of past successes. 


Something new: Return On Appreciation

Are you embarrassed by corporate swag decided upon by a handful of execs and distributed unceremoniously from storage closets? Do you need the help of a well-run team that delivers a much better experience and return on investment? The Gifting Experts are here to help. Just as you measure ROI, you can also measure Return On Appreciation.™

Whether that’s staff or customers, the people who contribute to your business are crucial to success. If your employees perform well, so do you. If your customers like what you do, they’ll return. The more you value both, the more they’ll repay you with extra effort, better output, and greater loyalty. And that can make a big difference to your bottom line. 

Sure, you can send a bottle of wine or pick a gift and hope they like it, but that’s just checking a box. Real appreciation means doing more for the ones you value, creating deeper connections and stronger relationships. When you rethink how your company expresses that value, everyone benefits. ROA™ happens when your company makes the effort to really acknowledge someone, and they reciprocate. When you partner with Cultivate, people get what they want. And they are happy.

Something old: The Experts you know and trust

Although our identity is evolving, our mission and values remain the same. We’re on a mission to change the way companies think about and value appreciation. In the quest to fulfill our mission, we rely on our core values to ensure aspirations align with our ideas, interactions, and culture.

Through our On-site and Online Gifting solutions, we’re here to maximize your company's appreciation efforts. Whether you're interested in our intuitive and user-friendly Online Gifting Platform to manage multiple programs, send gifts, and track redemption so that you can appreciate anyone, anytime, or delivering instant gratification anywhere on-site, you can rest assured that the Gifting Experts have your back and best interests in mind. 

For the rest of the month, we’re unveiling what’s new—from an improved website experience and international gifting solutions to brand partnership announcements and innovative Online Gifting tools that help you focus on what matters. Stay tuned—we can’t wait to share all of the exciting details with you!

Connect with our Gifting Experts to learn more about Cultivate 2.0. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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