January Blog 2.1


Easy and Effective Workouts for Travel

As the busy season approaches the incentive space, so does the excessive amounts of travel. When you're running from flight to flight attending all of your meetings and events it can be difficult to stay on top of your workout routine. Though traveling shouldn't mean your workouts should be non-existent. We've put together five easy and effective workouts you can squeeze it while you're on the road so you can keep up with your routine and feel great!

Mountain Climbers
Mountain climbers are an exercise that focuses on your core and cardio and is a great way to increase your heart rate with just a few repetitions. Begin in the plank position making sure your toes are touching the ground, and your hands are placed directly under your shoulders. Engage your core as you bend your right leg up towards your elbow making sure your toes are off the ground. Be sure to keep your upper body in place. As you jump your right leg back jump your left leg forward towards your elbow. One repetition counts as one jump with the right leg forward and one left leg forward. Try aiming for 10-30 reps based on your skill level.

Forward to Reverse Lunge
This exercise focuses on the lower body. Be sure to stand up straight with your arms directly by your sides. Step forward with your right leg dropping your left knee to the ground and keeping your right knee bent at 90 degrees. Push off with your right foot and step back into a reverse lunge. Stepping forward with the right leg and then backward counts as one repetition. Try completing 10-15 reps based on your skill level starting with 10 and working your way up to 15. 

The inchworm emphasizes your shoulders and core. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend forward to touch your hands to the ground in front of your feet. It's okay if you need to bend your knees at first but as you do this exercise more often try to keep them straight. Without moving your feet walk your hands out until you in the push-up position and hold for a moment. Then begin walking your feet towards your hands and repeat, starting with five reps and increasing up to 12 as you gain strength.

In and Out Jump Squats
This exercise focuses on your lower body and cardio. Start in a normal squat position with your hands clasped together in front of you making sure your back is straight, and your knees bent at 90 degrees. Jump into the air landing lightly in a standing position with your feet together. Jump again this time landing in the initial squat position. This counts as one repetition. Begin this exercise with 10 reps increasing to 20 as you gain strength.

Reverse Crunch 
The reverse crunch emphasizes your core. Lie on your back with your hands by your side and your knees bent up towards your chest. Lift your hips up off of the floor and bring your knees as close to your chest as possible. Try not to use the momentum from your lower legs, but only your abdominal muscles. Begin with 10 reps increasing to 15 and 20 as you gain strength.