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Deliver personalized appreciation with Hexa Custom

Posted by Tara Doherty on 7/26/22 8:00 AM

As the Gifting Experts of our industry, we work hard to offer memorable gifting options that help you appreciate people and create meaningful connections. We believe that our partnership with Hexa Custom allows our clients to do just that. As big believers in collaboration, design, and the ability to bring something incredible to life—Hexa Custom offers the canvas, and people create the masterpiece.

In this blog feature, we invite you to learn more about Hexa Custom! Explore why we’re excited to offer our clients this unique on-site design experience, why people will love selecting a Hexa Custom gift of their choice, and how to secure it for your next Event Gifting program. 

Meet our latest brand partner 

Our team designs each Curated Collection with care and attention to detail, and this new partnership is no exception. While we’re thrilled about its variety of quality products, Hexa Custom is a brand that genuinely checks all of our “must-have” boxes. When we first connected with Hexa, we instantly knew that it was a match for Cultivate. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Women-led and founded
  • Operates from our home base of Boulder, Colorado
  • Reputable performance apparel brand within the technical outdoor industry for over two decades
  • Lifetime guarantee across all products
  • Offer premium outwear that people can personalize
  • Sustainable with multiple eco-friendly certifications

When it comes to sustainability, Hexa Custom’s approach is all-encompassing. It begins with materials and component partners and extends through the imprint options it offers. Producing recycled fabrics can often be more damaging than finding sustainable ways to build them in the first place. Thus, for Hexa to make a difference in the realm of sustainability and social/environmental responsibility, it only partners with raw material providers that have these initiatives built into the DNA of their businesses. And since Hexa owns its factory, it’s committed at the highest level to providing its employees a safe, respectful, and responsible work environment.

A new on-site design experience

Research shows personalized gifts are more like to be remembered and cherished. 

One of the main reasons our clients love to offer personalized gifting options is because it allows the human-to-human connection to shine through. Customized appreciation enables people to materialize their relationship with a gift that shows they care about and value another person’s interests and what makes them unique.

Combining Cultivate’s 12+ years of experience with research and our knack for pulsing what people will love and enjoy, this on-site design experience provides another pathway to create meaningful connections with the people you’re appreciating. Furthermore, it reiterates the importance of offering people customizable options that reflect their individual styles. Not only are we excited to bring this new design experience to on-site events, but we’re also excited to share how it works:

  1. Select a base style. Whatever the season, HEXA has it covered.
  2. Add bells and whistles. People select the features that are perfect for their adventures.
  3. Personalize it with color. Say goodbye to basic colors because HEXA offers a full rainbow of options that can be applied over each panel and zipper.
  4. Select a logo color and placement. Chest or sleeve.. it’s your call! People color it up any way they want; choose from any of HEXA’s 23 colors.
  5. Find the perfect fit. HEXA Custom’s goal is to offer apparel that fits everyone and proudly provides a range of size and fit profiles. Select the right size and specify gender.
  6. Straight to their door. Since each is one-of-a-kind, people can expect their orders to ship within 4-6 weeks. 

If you’re wondering how successful this could be at your next event, connect with our Gifting Experts to learn more and hear how positively people reacted to designing their choice of performance apparel on-site at a recent event in New York. 

Recently, our team helped appreciate thousands of people with Hexa Custom, and the feedback was nothing short of exceptional! Guests used this experience to network, spark meaningful conversations, and celebrate one another’s differences. The personalized nature of designing your own apparel emphasizes the value of choice, an element that Cultivate is built upon, and adds depth to building and fostering relationships that will live on past the event.

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