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Event Gifting from a new perspective

Posted by Tara Doherty on 1/25/22 1:00 AM

A few short months ago, I was hired as a Marketing Coordinator at Cultivate. Since then, I’ve become more acquainted with and knowledgeable about the world of corporate gifting. After the past couple of weeks, I’ve realized appreciating people through gifting is not only about selecting a quality product you love; it’s also about the feelings associated with it and the connections I’m creating in the process.

In this week’s blog feature, I want to share my perspective. I’m highlighting how my first Event Gifting program went, how it made me feel, and how memorable and beneficial corporate gifting can be from the recipient’s point of view.

Real-life benefits of appreciating people with choice

Shortly after joining the Marketing team, our founder announced that Cultivate’s 2022 Company Meeting would be held in Palm Springs, California. 🤯 When I heard this news, I was shocked at the level of generosity that this company had for its own employees and how valued it instantly made me feel.

Before the trip, I had formed an idea in my head of what Event Gifting would actually be like—after all, I’m one of two creating content about our gifting solutions. Little did I realize just how meaningful and memorable this trip would be for so many reasons. After we arrived in Palm Springs, each employee was greeted with a reusable shopping bag and invited to select a gift of our choice from our Event Gifting and Gifting Suite Pop-up Shops. It felt more magical than anything I had anticipated. 🤩 And honestly left me feeling genuinely appreciated, valued, and recognized.

Creating meaningful connections they’ll remember

If you’ve never experienced it for yourself, Event Gifting creates a unique atmosphere that’s flooded with overwhelming joy and excitement. The energy in the air makes it impossible not to connect with the people around you. While selecting a gift of my choice, I was able to create connections with so many of my new coworkers.

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Questions and affirmations like “What did you select?” and “Those look so good on you!” echoed throughout the room. Not only was there a variety of quality products to select from, but I was also able to make informed decisions like what color, cut, and design of sunglasses suited me the best, thanks to our brand partners from Hammitt, Electric, and OluKai, who made the trip. It was fun to show off our personal styles and use the gifts we selected during the remainder of our trip. (And of course, use and enjoy them again when we got back home, too!)

If you’re on the fence about corporate gifting or searching for ways to appreciate people, connect with Cultivate. Our team offers gifting solutions for any occasion and we’re here to make your program a success. Take it from me—appreciating people with a quality gift of their choice connects people and fosters long-lasting relationships they’ll remember. There’s no way I’m ever going to forget how my first Event Gifting program made me feel.

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