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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 10/24/23 9:15 AM

The Cultivate team is thrilled to announce our latest brand partnership with Fleet Feet! Now, we can help you can bring the best variety of premium and top-performance footwear to your events for running events, boardrooms, and everyday errands. Because of its respected standing in the industry, Fleet Feet keeps up with the top trends and innovations and is trusted to have the most sought-after styles. 

This week’s blog shows you all the ways adding our new Fleet Feet gifting options to your event will make it a runaway success. Lace up, and let’s get to it! 


On-site instant gratification and drop-ship options available

By partnering with a national retailer, inventory management is a walk in the park. We will be able to deliver premium running shoes to your in-person events or create impressive drop-ship programs with enough stock to ensure that every person can select the perfect pair of shoes for them.


Multiple styles and sizes for men and women

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle for everyone means taking their needs into account. Every collection will feature a variety of brands, styles, sizes, and color options to ensure that every person will find the perfect fit for their needs and style. 


Curated gifting options for your goals, budget, and guests

With Fleet Feet’s variety of shoe brands, you can curate a collection suited to your audience or your event’s theme. We consider your goals for the event, including what activities you have planned and what types of styles will be best suited to your guest list. 


A partnership for the future

While we’re starting with running shoes, our partnership with Fleet Feet means we will continue growing our footwear offerings. From Fleet Feet’s innovative FitID service that scientifically finds people’s perfect pair of shoes to other desirable categories like hiking boots, we’re just getting started on the path of gifting incredible footwear. 


A focus on premium footwear

Fleet Feet knows that the right shoes are fundamental to pursuing a healthier lifestyle or excelling at specific sports. Unlike programs that prioritize designing shoes, we’re focusing on giving substantive shoes that not only satisfy everyone's styles but also provide each person’s unique foundation for an active lifestyle. 


Find the perfect fit for your event needs and explore our collections of Fleet Feet footwear, tailored to every price point. From everyday essentials to top-of-the-line brands, we have footwear that everyone is guaranteed to love. 

Excited to give them shoes they’ll run away with? Ready to start planning your Fleet Feet gifting program? Explore the Lookbook here and fill out the form to get started!


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