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Posted by Madeleine Denebeim on 7/2/24 9:30 AM

As we enter the second half of the year, now is the time to refresh and invigorate your appreciation strategies! Why? Q3 is often filled with planning and pushing to accomplish end-of-year goals while recognizing and celebrating the hard work and dedication of those who make it all possible.

To help you do just that, this week’s blog shares fun and fresh ways to lift people's spirits and deliver memorable appreciation that will motivate them each month of the quarter — all taken directly from our 2024 Appreciation Calendar. Let’s dive in!

July Appreciation Calendar


July 5 — Workaholics Day

Take a day to reward your hardest-working employees by organizing a special luncheon or happy hour. Up the ante by sending them a gift they will get to select and enjoy after work and on the weekends. Nothing says “thank you” like a gift that encourages work-life balance.


July 15 — National Give Something Away Day

Foster a culture of generosity in your office. Set up a giveaway station where employees can bring items they no longer use to exchange with colleagues or donate to a local charity. Or, if you’re looking to “gift” away, send your VIP clients gifts from the platform with a note expressing appreciation for their support.


July 30 — International Friendship Day

Celebrate the power of connections by hosting a friendship-themed office event. Whether you go old school with friendship bracelets (Taylor Swift playlist optional!) or send them a gift via the platform, these options allow people to pause the work chat and connect on a deeper level.

August Appreciation Calendar


August 10 — Lazy Day

Sometimes, everyone needs a day to unwind and do absolutely nothing… well, as close to nothing as you can get on a workday anyway! You could organize a casual dress-down day and provide cozy blankets while blasting the AC or extend everyone’s lunch break with a siesta to reset before afternoon meetings. Encouraging relaxation and downtime can significantly boost overall productivity and well-being.


August 26 — National Dog Day

If your office is dog-friendly, invite company pups to join as K9 coworkers. If that’s not an option, get creative by handing out hot dogs or asking everyone to share a picture of their pup on Slack. It’s the “paw-fect” way to learn more about your coworkers and their four-legged friends.


August 27 — National Just Because Day

Embrace spontaneity with surprise gifts for your team and clients. Make it easy by sending them a gift from our Online Gifting platform — it only takes a few minutes to log in and start gifting! This unexpected act of kindness shows you value your team and clients as individuals, not just for their output or buy-in.

September Appreciation Calendar


September 13 — Positive Thinking Day

Optisim can have a profound impact on workplace culture. Share inspirational quotes or positive moments from the week in the company chat. Encouraging positivity can lead to improved mental health, better teamwork, and a more vibrant workplace.


September 21 — World Gratitude Day

Appreciate employees, clients, and business partners by sending them gifts from the platform, personalized with a meaningful message acknowledging their contribution to your company’s success. This day is a perfect reminder to recognize the relationships that drive your business forward.


September 29 — National Coffee Day

Motivate your team to finish the quarter strong with a fun in-office event featuring different brews and pastries. This is a great opportunity to perk up everyone’s spirits and create connections over a simple cup of joe.

Online Gifting_How It Works_Select 4

No matter which days you choose, Cultivate offers the world's best gifts to help you celebrate, motivate, and appreciate people with a gift of their choice! Our Online Gifting platform makes sending gifts that fit your budget easy, fast, and fun and lets them choose what they receive. Sign up today to streamline your gifting process and send timely appreciation that makes every occasion special for your team and clients. 

Whether you plan to wow them on World Gratitude Day or help them unwind on Workaholics Day, there’s plenty more to unpack in our 2024 Appreciation Calendar. Download it today to continue driving extra effort, better output, and greater loyalty through gifting and generate a Return On Appreciation™ that everyone will benefit from.

Download the 2024 Appreciation Calendar

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