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Why gifting smaller brands makes sense

When you’re thinking about your gift program, brands are a key factor. And with Cultivate’s wide variety, it can be difficult to determine which brands resonate most with your clients. Your first thought might be to choose larger brands that the majority of your audience is familiar with. But what about brands not many people have heard of? You may ask yourself, why would I gift a brand that people know nothing about? The truth is there’s just as much incentive to go with smaller brands.

Cultivate strives to inspire people long after their incentive trip is over, so they can continue telling others about your company and the great gifts you provide!   

People love discovering new brands
As successful individuals move higher up in their careers, they tend to seek out brands of higher quality. And with good reason! But, with that comes knowledge and sometimes ownership of these larger, well-known brands. What’s so exciting about the smaller brands is that people love being able to discover them. Think about it, if you’ve ever stumbled across a great product made by a brand that many people haven’t heard about, it’s almost like finding a hidden gem. The discovery is like a gift in itself!

People love to share their discoveries
Having knowledge of a particular item before anyone else is a great feeling. Individuals love to tell their friends, family, and coworkers all about what they know. It makes them feel validated! They’ll be more than willing to share that knowledge when asked about the new product.

Smaller brands stick out
People are much more likely to call out brands they don’t know much about. For example, you probably wouldn’t ask your friend about her new Michael Kors bag. Sure, it’s a great product, but you’re already familiar with the brand. A smaller handbag brand like, Rebecca Minkoff, is more likely to raise questions. And because there’s that feeling our self-discovery, your friend now has the chance to tell you about this great product and where they received it.