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Why a Gift Score matters when selecting a Gift Program

One of the primary goals of your event is to leave attendees with a lasting, positive impression of your company, their roles at the company, and the unique skills they bring. One way to achieve this is with a memorable gift experience, but how can you be sure your gift program won’t be a flop? 

We’ve come up with the Gift score™ to help you determine the success of your program, as well as reveal areas where you can do more to excite and inspire your guests.

So how does the Gift Score™ work? Each program is scored on a scale of one to five diamonds based on choice, aspirational appeal, and frequency of use.

Why these three factors matter:
Choice goes beyond the basics to provide event attendees with enough options to appeal to a wide range of tastes without offering so many it becomes overwhelming. 

Aspirational appeal adds another dimension to gifts by breaking down barriers between guests and items they want to own but may not necessarily buy for themselves. 

Frequency of use asks, how often is your client going to use the item you’ve gifted to them? 

The higher the Gift Score™, the closer you are to your end goal – amplifying your incentive program and appreciating and inspiring your guests! 

Gift Giving Vs. Gift Experiences 
A great gift is much more than a promotional tool or incentive to encourage people to stay with your company. You want your gift program to be distinctive. And, you can’t expect all of your attendees to like or even use the same product, it’s just unrealistic!

Gifts should be experiences rather than just a giveaway. When you picture your guests receiving their gift, do you see them reacting in pure delight over a solid color jacket with your company logo on it? Very unlikely. Now, picture them receiving a designer pair of sunglasses of their choosing, from a premium brand like RayBan. It’s a much brighter picture, isn’t it? Give your guests a gift exceeding their expectations, and they’ll feel uniquely appreciated rather than just feeling like another face in your company. 

To ensure all three Gift Score™ factors are balanced, consider who you’re gifting, their values, and the message you want to communicate. For instance, you wouldn’t buy someone a jacket, even if it’s from a great brand if they lived in Florida, would you? No! Use these elements as your guide and keep your guests in mind when choosing gift items for events. 

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Download our whitepaper to learn more about the Gift Score™ and how to successfully plan your next gift program. While a low score doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it does give you an idea of where you can improve so that your next event makes every recipient feel appreciated and sparks excited conversations everywhere they go.

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