Artifact - Inside Hawai'i

By Alicia Rodriguez May 7, 2019

When Artifact first launched back in 2017 Hawai'i was the first and only market. The gifts..

Craft Signature Cocktails with Artifact's Maui Shrub Farm

By Alicia Rodriguez Feb 26, 2019

Artifact artisans Josh and Tomo met in 2009 while studying massage therapy in Maui, Hawai'i. The..

Live Life Flavorfully with Artifact's Florida Pure Sea Salt

By Alicia Rodriguez Jan 15, 2019

Florida artisan, Maureen Cacioppo combines her love of cooking and time spent in the great..

Artisan Highlight: Laurie's Pantry

By Alicia Rodriguez Oct 25, 2018

Florida artisan Laurie Landgrebe struggled to find a quality, healthy breakfast to supplement..

Artisan Highlight: Oceana Coffee

By Alicia Rodriguez Sep 13, 2018

Originally from Australia, Florida artisan, Scott Angelo was always an avid coffee drinker. He..

Artisan Highlight: GulfStream Candle Company

By Alicia Rodriguez Aug 28, 2018

Florida artisan, Carrie Fraley always wanted to create something all her own from start to..

Artisan Highlight: Honua Hawaiian Skincare

By Alicia Rodriguez Aug 9, 2018

Kapua Browning was born and raised in Hawai'i where she spent much of her time in the sun and..

Artisan Highlight: Jaxsea Beach Wraps

By Alicia Rodriguez Jul 19, 2018

California's Jax Wallace is one of our talented Artifact artisans. She was more than happy to..

How To Shop Artifact

By Alicia Rodriguez Jun 28, 2018

Back in March we rebranded our local amenities line to Artifact and with it launched a brand new..

Artisan Highlight: Etta + Billie

By Alicia Rodriguez Jun 21, 2018

Alana Rivera, California artisan and creator of Etta + Billie always considered herself a..

Artisan Highlight: Wander Wet Bags

By Alicia Rodriguez Jun 5, 2018

In Southern California there's always a reason to be out in the sun or on the beach. Artifact's..

Artisan Highlight: Copper Cow Coffee

By Alicia Rodriguez May 8, 2018

We sat down with one of our California artisans, Debbie Wei Mullin, creator of Copper Cow..

Artifact: Delivering Beauty and Culture Worldwide

By Alicia Rodriguez May 1, 2018

If you've been to Artifact's website, you've noticed our unique, one of a kind packaging. We..

Working Together to Protect Hawai’i’s Coral Reefs

By Alicia Rodriguez Mar 21, 2018

Artifact artisan, Raw Elements recently partnered with Aqua-Aston Hospitality, which owns dozens..

Bring Home The Local Flavors 

By Alicia Rodriguez Mar 13, 2018

When you’re traveling, you set out to do mainly two things. You go to experience a culture and..

Introducing Artifact - Destination-Inspired Gifts Brought To You By Cultivate

By Alicia Rodriguez Mar 8, 2018

Picture this. You’ve just arrived in Hawai’i on an incentive trip with your company. You walk..