Questions to consider before planning your next event

At Cultivate, we believe that gifts and gift experiences should not be a one size fits all approach. We understand that your guests are unique individuals, which means selection and choice are paramount in creating a successful and, let’s face it, memorable event.

Cultivate’s on-site gift experiences allow guests to select the perfect item that fits them and suits their lifestyle. That’s called a win-win gift experience! Now, how do you get to the win-win portion of the event? In short, when selecting your next gift experience, it’s important to understand who you are selecting gifts for, not just what gifts you are selecting.

Let’s start with the top three questions you should be considering and why.

Q. What are the demographics of your group (ex. female vs. male)?

A. This is one of the more straightforward questions, but you’d be surprised how often it's not considered. It wouldn't be a memorable gift experience (memorable in a good way, that is) if your group was 90% male and 10% female and you selected a brand that was handbags only. Knowing this information, you could go with a Kate Spade sophisticated handbag experience for the 10%, and the straightforward and functional Jack Spade commuter bag experience for the 90%. Now that would please all 100%! Or you could go with a bag (handbag and commuter bags) experience and pair it with a sunglasses experience to really inspire and appreciate your guests. 

Q. What type of gift experiences have your guests received in the past?

A. You guessed it. Answering this question at the start is critical in creating a fresh gift experience that is guaranteed to wow your guests once again. If for the last three years they’ve received a sunglasses gift experience (yeah for them!), they probably won’t be as wowed with just another pair of sunglasses from the same brand. Why not add to your sunglasses experience? You could add the newest sunglasses brands (we have several fresh brands to select from) and a great piece of apparel from one of our fashion forward brands. Now that’s exciting!

Q. Where is your event going to be held and when?

Talk about a great first question! Here’s why. If you’re planning an event in Chicago in October, you probably don’t want to select a sandal gift experience. While our sandal events are extremely successful, a big contributor to their success is location, location, location! What a better gift to receive while on a destination trip on the beach. Sandals are so relevant to your trip, your guests would likely wear them the entire time they’re away. Now that’s a smart gifting experience.

Learn More about Cultivate’s brands, gift experiences, and our process. We’re happy to help and ask you all the right questions in order to make your event the very best.