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Brand Focus: Introducing Slowtide

A beach towel is usually associated with loud patterns and bright colors, straight off the boardwalk. You might find one or two that catch your eye, but usually there isn’t anything that exciting about your standard beach towel. Or so you thought. We’re so excited to feature a new brand, Slowtide Towels.

Introducing Slowtide

Slowtide doesn’t create your typical beach towels, which makes them such a unique company. In fact, they were aware that towels were an ignored and overlooked category and saw an opportunity to make them relevant again. Based in Hawai’i and California, Slowtide is an art inspired towel brand that reflects all things beach culture. It’s not just Slowtide’s vibrant, eye-catching designs that have us hooked! All of their towels are also 100% super soft and absorbent cotton velour or woven cotton, fast-drying, and ideal for all your travel destinations!

We offer Slowtide towels as an add on to any other of our gift categories! Sending your attendees on a tropical destination incentive trip? What better product to pair with your sunglasses or sandals then a Slowtide towel!

Take a look at a few of our favorites from Slowtide:

A collaboration between Slowtide and Kassia Surf, this towel is suitable for all bodies of water. Its oversize (62 inches x 34 inches), makes it perfect for lounging on the beach during that incentive trip. And the tan fringe at the ends, adds just enough flare for your towel to stand out against the rest. It also has a hanging loop for convenient placement wherever you end up.



Luxe is one of Slowtide’s woven towels made with 100% woven cotton. It’s heathered, slub woven  fabric not only makes it incredibly soft, but also comfy and warm. Labeled the “dream machine” by Slowtide, you can very well use this in your bathroom, as well as the beach. While this design plays on the safer side, there’s plenty of other woven towels that are sure to fit your or your attendee’s unique style.



Indigo Sun Fitness Towel
This fun, tie-dye print is one of Slowtide’s fitness towels. At 13 inches by 31 inches, it’s the perfect size for packing in your bag to take to the gym, yoga studio, fitness class, golf course and more. Big fan of the Indigo Sun print? This design is also available as a beach towel!



Lakota Round
Part of the round towel collection at Slowtide, Lakota Round can be used for anything! Like most of the towels, Lakota Round is suited for all bodies of water. But, with its round shape it can very easily serve as much more than a towel, such as an eye-catching floor mat, or even wall décor!