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Selecting your gift program has never been easier

As you know, there’s a lot that goes into planning a successful event. And, we know your time is limited, and that’s why we’ve fine-tuned our process to make it simple for you and meaningful for your guests. 
Turnkey From Start to Finish
Cultivate knows how valuable your time is, which is why we talk about our process being turnkey. But, what exactly does “turnkey” entail? It means we take care of every aspect of your event. From our fast turnaround time on-site to our beautiful boutique set up, and knowledgeable and professional event staff - we strive to make sure your event runs smoothly, so you don’t have to worry.  
It starts with a few simple questions. 
•    How many guests will be attending? 
•    Where is the event being held? 
•    What’s your budget?
•    Have you gifted to these guests before?  
•    If so, what did they receive? 
We then curate a mix of amazing brands and products that will fit your event, audience, and budget. All you need to do is select the program you prefer. That’s it! We handle everything else, so you can cross select your gift program off your list with ease. 
Give Guests a Choice
Our core purpose is to appreciate and inspire amazing people. While one product for every guest may seem like an okay approach, it certainly won’t set out to appreciate or inspire for months after your event. It’s also unrealistic to believe every one of your guests will like or use the same gift. The foundation of a great gift program is simple: Offer your guests the right amount of choice, so they can select a gift they love. Months after your event, your guests will still be bragging about the incredible gift they received at your event. 
Dollars and Sense
We have the hottest brands in a wide variety of categories to fit each budget! Once we know the key details of your event, our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you in deciding which products will work best in your budget range. We have great options regardless of your budget.
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