Company holiday gifts that surprise & inspire

What do you hope to gain by giving your employees a holiday gift? If you're like most businesses, you designate at least a small budget for employee gifts because you know it can pay off in some powerful ways, including:

  • Enhanced employee appreciation – Workers know that you appreciate and respect them when they receive a thoughtful gift. The right gift can even encourage the most valuable team members to remain loyal to your company.
  • Employee-generated buzz – A valuable or creative gift idea will spark social media posts and brag sessions to friends about the great company they work for.

While any gift you select may deliver both of these benefits to some extent, there's no doubt that some gifts are more powerful than others. If you think that we're going to advise you to select a customized promotional product with your company's logo added, we're about to surprise you! There is a much better option that allows you to stick to your budget while amplifying employee appreciation.

If you think that we're going to advise you to select a customized promotional product with your company's logo added, we're about to surprise you! There is a much better option that allows you to stick to your budget while amplifying employee appreciation.

Why So Many Company Holiday Gifts Fail
In a recent survey including more than 300 buyers responsible for selecting company holiday gifts, it was revealed that approximately 60 percent of businesses planned to buy employee gifts. Approximately 70 percent of those buyers planned to purchase customized products with their company logo.

These statistics may make you think, "Customized corporate gifts are the most popular option. We should do that, too." Unfortunately, this is what millions of companies across the country think every year. The problem is that most companies don't climb to the top of their industries by following the crowd.

The downsides to delivering those one-size-fits-all branded gifts:

  • They're nothing new  Your employees aren't likely to brag about their new high-end tumbler with the company logo splashed across the side. They aren't even likely to wear their new branded t-shirt to the gym. Everyone has seen these gifts a million times, and your employees have friends who are all receiving something similar. There's nothing to talk about, which means no company buzz.
  • They lack personal significance  How do you know that your employees will all use another gold pen? Standard customized company gifts mean nothing to your employees as individuals, so they are often quickly discarded or abandoned in a junk drawer.
  • Most promotional gifts lack quality  Even if the branded products are touted to have the finest quality materials and are built to last, chances are they're not. What you should realize is that there's a reason you can buy many of these gifts on the cheap. You're paying for a generic gift that your employees will think of as maybe better than nothing, but not much more.

Yes, approximately 70 percent of companies may purchase customized logo gifts for their employees during the holidays. Many of them will one day kick themselves when they realize that there is a more effective alternative: a holiday gift experiences.

The Secret to Appreciating and Inspiring with Gifts
Rather than selecting one holiday gift that you distribute to all employees, arrange for a holiday event that allows each person to select a gift that appeals to them individually. You have complete control over what you spend on each gift, and your employees have a range of options they get to select from.

Even more important, the gift options will include brand name products that your employees will get excited about receiving. They probably don't have many friends who are receiving Ray-Ban sunglasses or OluKai sandals from their employers as their holiday gift. Those are brand names likely to spark happy hour brag sessions and will make employees feel appreciated!

This generates positive buzz for your company, and you may end up with more qualified job applicants. Everyone wants to work for the company that appreciates and values their employees.

Holiday Gifts that Pop Up Today, Inspire Tomorrow
Are you ready to step away from cliché employee gifts? If so, an unexpected gift experience event is just what you need to generate authentic excitement. Our on-site staff will establish a pop-up boutique at your office, at your company holiday party, or at another location of your choice. Each employee has the opportunity to select a gift that fits their individual interests and needs.

This is the future of company holiday gift giving because it solves all of the problems left by the one-size-fits-all approach:

  • Gift experiences are fresh and exciting  They stand out from the gifts that about 70 percent of businesses are giving each year, so your company will stand out. Your employees will have something to talk about for months after the event, and they will look forward to the boutique each year.
  • Gift experiences are personal  Promotional gift items place the attention on your company. Gifts selected from a pop-up event place the emphasis on the needs and personality of each employee. Each gift has the power to inspire someone on a personal level.
  • Quality is elevated to the max  A gift experience will allow your employees to select from brand names that they recognize and value. Even though you include gifts that fit within your budget, your employees will perceive a high dollar value on each option. That perception will further fuel their excitement and appreciation.

One secret to thriving in business is predicting future trends and maximizing opportunities before your competitors. This extends to how you select gifts for your employees during the holidays. Now that cliché promotional gifts have lost their appeal, it's time to try something new. A gift experience will ensure that every employee knows they're appreciated and that you value their contribution to the company.