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Questions on planning your gift experience? We have the answers! 

Here at Cultivate, we believe no question should go unanswered. And whether you're planning your first event or your thirtieth you probably have quite a few. Not sure where to begin? Here's a few of our frequently asked questions to get you started on thinking about your next event.
What’s a gift experience? 
Wherever in the world your events take you, our Cultivate event team will meet you there! From the displays to the samples and products, our gift experiences will give your guests instant gratification when they select and receive on-site a fantastic gift of their choice. 
Why shouldn't I buy one jacket style for all my employees and put our company logo on it?
It all starts with a choice. Giving the same gift to every guest at your event doesn't fully show your appreciation for the individual skills and talents they bring to your company. People are unique - not everyone likes or wants (or would use) a black jacket with your company logo on it. It's simple, the foundation of a great gift program is offering your guests the right amount of choice so they can select a gift they love.
Does Cultivate offer top brands and styles? 
Cultivate always uses the hottest, premium retail styles available at the time of your event. Our goal is for your guests to see the same fantastic bag they selected during their gift experience when they walk into a high-end department store.
Do you have Local Amenities for Ireland, Milwaukee, or Chicago? 
Cultivate's Local Amenities are currently offered in four major incentive destination markets, Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, and California.
Can you tell me a little more about Cultivate? 
Leaders in the incentive and corporate gift industry, we provide a turnkey, on-site gift experience, unlike any others. Founded over eight years ago, we have created more than 2,560 gift experiences all around the world.
How many gift experiences does Cultivate do each year? 
Cultivate does over 500 gift experiences each year.
As a planner, I'm typically super busy. When you say turnkey, what does that mean exactly?
As the gift experts, we save you time, money, and stress. Turnkey means we do it all! From our fast turnaround time when we reach your event destination, to a beautiful setup and professional and knowledgeable event team, we make sure your event runs smoothly!
Does Cultivate do international events? 
Navigating international events is one of the things we've mastered! We work with you, hotel representatives and customs brokers to overcome any challenges that may arise in the most cost-effective way.