Up the WOW factor with a multi-category gift experience

One option to make your event feel fresh for repeat guests is to choose a multi-category gift experience. If guests received sunglasses for their last two gift experiences, it's likely time to try a new approach! While sunglasses can be an important part of a multi-category gift experience, by adding two additional categories (like watches and luggage, for example) your gift experience will rise to the next level. This approach will guarantee that everyone walks away with a memorable experience and a gift that's perfect for them.

If guests received sunglasses for their last two gift experiences, it's likely time to try a new approach!



A closer look at the top 4 reasons for a multi-category gift experience

Higher Satisfaction Rates
More gift choices allow guests to find the perfect gift for them. Statistics show watches and luggage also have high redemption rates when compared to sunglasses.

Triple the WOW Factor
A multi-category gift boutique will wow guests from the moment they step into the room. Cultivate’s branding walls and merchandise displays will give guests the feel of a high-end boutique, making their gift experience more memorable than in previous years.

Global Pleaser
Multi-category gift experiences give guests ample choice and selection allowing them to find the perfect gift no matter what part of the world they are from.

Fresh Selection, Fresh Experience
Expanded gift choices make it less likely your guests will receive a repeat gift.

Cultivate offers the most on-trend brands for your gift experience. We will select the perfect brand mix and product selection for your budget and guests. We offer the following gift experience categories.

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