A little appreciation goes a long way

It's been said that gratitude is the gateway to greatness. Even the smallest of tokens provides an instant morale boost and can prompt the onset of an appreciation domino effect. An important distinction to note, is that gratitude and appreciation are not the same thing.

Gratitude vs. appreciation
We can experience gratitude for something without really appreciating it. The subtle shift from gratitude to appreciation is experienced in moments of complete awareness, where one chooses to reflect on the reasons they are grateful, and subsequently generates feelings of appreciation. From these feelings, sincere expressions are formed. 

Research shows that a disposition toward gratitude promotes overall well-being, strengthens interpersonal relationships, and positively influences how we perceive the world around us. Such an attitude can alter how we cope with stress, the type of language we use, and how ambitiously we participate in our working and personal lives. Gratitude is the seed by which appreciation can grow and flourish; and more importantly, it helps to keep us anchored in the present moment.

When it comes to recognizing your employees’ strengths and achievements, it’s no surprise that appreciation is an extremely powerful and effective motivator. Think about anytime you’ve been acknowledged for a job well done. How did you respond? How did it make you feel? How did it impact your work?

Nothing says “you’re a great employee and I appreciate your unique talents,” like receiving a Victorinox overnight tote or a pair of designer Ray Ban sunglasses.

Workplace appreciation increases productivity
Let’s face it when a person feels appreciated they are happier and more productive. Employees are more likely go above and beyond what is expected of them, and more likely stick around when their skills, talents, and contributions are recognized. Within the workplace, showing your staff that you value their efforts is worth its weight in gold.

So now that we know this appreciation thing works, ask yourself a few important questions. If you experience gratitude for all that your team does, are you effectively showing your appreciation? And, is a simple “thank you” always enough?

While rewarding your top achievers with real gold is bound to break your budget, there are a variety of ways to show someone you value their efforts. In fact, nothing says “you’re a great employee and I appreciate your unique talents,” like receiving a Victorinox overnight tote or a pair of designer Ray Ban sunglasses. The thought and consideration that goes into understanding what a person will like, and use, speaks volumes.

Remember, gift giving doesn’t replace the power of a verbal or written thank you - it only kicks it up a notch.

At Cultivate, we understand the correlation between thoughtful acts of appreciation and workplace productivity. In our experience, small intentional investments have had profound returns. That’s why our gift experts can help tailor a unique gifting experience for you and your team.